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Friday, January 22, 2010

Grumpies, frumpies & Abigail

Shame on me. I'm grumpy and I can barely shake it. Then I feel guilty because images of children in Haiti scroll across my screen. Then it's back to my reality and the grumps set in again.

It's the slow Internet today - don't know if it's the weather or the computer. It's the rude Auntie Flow who refuses to mind her own business and slow the hell down. And she's making me look like a frump. It's the uninspired thoughts that are a victim of the grumps and the frumps. (I'm not even gonna tell you about my lip poking out 'cause I can't have my way.)

But then there's the automated phone call I get from one of my children's health insurance companies that says it's calling about my child Abigail. For a moment I thought I had misheard. Let's see, as I count them off on my fingers - #1 Amber, #2 Andre, #3 Amareah #4 Anna. Nope, no Abigails. Hmmmm??

Then I just have to laugh.

I'm off to think about Abigail. She distracts me from the grumpies.

Yea, don't worry, I know I'm being random.
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