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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Car maintenance estimates, locations

When I had my Dodge Caravan there were several warning lights that kept coming on including the check engine light. With the van I just got not too long ago, lucky for me, the only light I've seen is the gas light. Besides neglecting to put gas in my vehicle, I normally try to take pretty good care of it. If a warning light comes on I go to an auto shop as soon as I can.

There was one not too far from my house that I was taking my vehicle too until they got rid of all the managers and some of the mechanics that I knew. I'd went in there so many times - and spent so much money - that they didn't charge me for just looking at the van if there was a problem. The last time I went in there and needed something checked the guy on duty told me that it would cost $30 just to look at it. I looked at him like he was crazy. Instead, they did an oil change, which I needed, and checked the problem all for about $20.

I haven't been back since and have been using a mobile mechanic that someone recommended to me. Although he's good and gives me great deals, it isn't always the best situation so I'm looking for another shop that I can take my vehicle to when needed. I'm going to check RepairPal and see what shops they list in my area.

Regardless of where you're located you can put in your specific information and RepairPal will do the work for you. You can get your Ford F-150 tuned up at a San Diego auto repair shop, if that's where you're located, or if you're traveling to visit family and friends in another town you can put that information into the search function to find a reliable location. One of the best features about RepairPal is that it'll give you an estimate of how much your maintenance will cost.

Having to deal with car repairs is one of my least favorite things to do, but if I know what I should expect and that there's somewhere reliable to take my car it makes a dreaded task easy to complete.
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