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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Before I tell you what happened with the liver biopsy, let me tell you a little bit about what happened the day before. Every ride and alternative ride that I had set up fell through. My response: tears. After I released that little emotion I posted this message of Facebook:

Who lives in the ATL area? Has free time tomorrow, transportation and a caring demeanor? Oh... and likes me enough not to dump me outta their car while I'm drugged. Yup, all rides fell through.

My dear sweet blogging friend Shaunalynn (or random stranger as Mary the nurse will always remember her as!) came through for me. Let me sidebar here: Yes, we've met before. No, she didn't just pick me up off the Internet. Well, sort of. LOL.

Okay, enough of the inside jokes. At least for now.

Shaunalynn (The Art and Science of Parenting) drove from north of the ATL to pick me up (I live south of the ATL) drove me to the VA hospital, which is north, took me home and then drove home herself. Isn't that sweet of her? We had a blast though. Despite the fact that she was trying not to make me laugh 'cause it hurt to take a deep breath; I got quite a few chuckles and giggles in. We took pictures (I still think we should have gotten one of my bloody dressing!), talked about the blood in the trashcan, made faces about behind the nurses back, giggled about men, food and anything else that presented itself as worthy of conversation.

Like Shelley (Naturi Beauty) told me all I had to do was envision what I needed and wanted that day - it came in the form of Shaunalynn. I am very appreciative of that support and love.

Now, back to the biopsy. It went very well. The setting up, poking me and hooking me up to machines took 20 times longer than the actual procedure, which wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it would be. It was not "fun," but I didn't cry so that's good! The recover took the longest. I had to lay on my right side to put pressure on the incision (entry point?) because I bled a little afterward. I'm not even gonna mention the reason why I bled. Let's just say that in a blond moment my mind didn't recall that Ibuprofen and Tylenol are the same thing. ... Don't even ask.

When it was time to start checking me out, I rolled over to find that my bandage was soaked in blood. The nurse called the doctor who inspected it and was pleased to find that it was mostly from the result of the procedure not continual bleeding. With a new bandage in place I rested for another 20 minutes, give or take, before I was cleared to go.

Weird how something so small can be painful.

We arrived at the VA hospital at 11 a.m. and were leaving around 4 p.m. Not too bad I suppose. Especially since they had called that morning to rush me in early and when I got there told me there wasn't a bed available. LOL... That's entirely another story.

<--- The nurse told me to get dressed, but she hadn't removed my IV thingy. 

I am so super sore today because since I am off of one med for another reason and can't take the Ibuprofen. I'm hoping it won't be too difficult to get through the day. Today reminds me of the times before I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and how extremely sore I was each day. Although the meds don't totally alleviate the pain, they obviously help quite a bit as I'm finding it difficult to move about. How in the world did I survive so many years without medication is beyond me. I amaze myself.

Hopefully by this time tomorrow I will have less all over pain and the pain from my incision will be gone. It's still pretty tender. It'll be about a week before the results will be back so I'll be sure to update you when I hear something. I kind of hope they find something that will give me the answers I need on what's going wrong with my liver. Then that brings me to the hope that there's something they can do about it. So, don't think I'm too weird, but here's to a *positive* result that is filled with answers and solutions.
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