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Friday, December 18, 2009

Are you ready?

What holiday do you celebrate? Are you ready for it?

I know those who celebrate Christmas are putting up decorations, purchasing gifts and planning holiday dinners. And I have an idea of what those who celebrate Kwanzaa are doing: they're decorating as well in preparation for lighting the candles and preparing their offerings for loved ones by finalizing handmade gifts or purchasing inexpensive educational ones.

Things are a little unorganized here, but we have erected and decorated our tree. There's a wreath on our door and a jingly doorknob decoration. That's about all I'm going to do. Well, I'm going to wrap presents for the children using whatever materials I have around the house in an effort not to be wasteful and contribute to our overflowing landfills. There are about three more things I have to get for each child including more stocking stuffers, a babydoll for the youngest and some Barbie clothes for Amareah. Hopefully I can do this and spend as little as possible.

I'm hoping to get a little energy* and a lot of rest so I won't be worn out on Wednesday (when my oldest daughter and I celebrate Christmas with the younger children who will be with their father this Christmas) or Thursday when my oldest and I will spend our Christmas together. We're looking forward to it because it's a reminder of the times we've spent together when it was just she and I. It's good to be able to spend individual time with each of my children.

Earlier this week I helped my son Andre wrap the gifts he purchased for everyone from the "store" they had at his school for the children to purchase items. Then yesterday I spent time with Amareah and took her shopping to buy some things for her siblings and her dad. Today it dawned on her that she didn't get anything for me, which I thought was so sweet, and she asked Amber to take her soon to get something. Isn't she sweet?

Although the children love the holiday season I will be glad when it'over... here's to 2010!

*As each day this week has passed I've become more and more exhausted. I even dozed off while standing up and ironing the children's clothes this morning. I slept another three hours (give or take) and I feel like crap. No flu or cold symptoms. I'm sure it's just a fibro, etc., attack. It's been awhile since that's happened so it's a little surprising and disappointing. However, I'm going to be sure to relax as much as I can. In fact I think I'm going to order pizza for the kids. I don't like to do that because I don't want to spend the money, but they love it. I don't need it 'cause I've gained a few pounds. However, it'll work out better since I have been feeling weak and exhausted.

Kmart news

Time is winding down for holiday shopping. For those still looking for that perfect gift, don't forget Kmart has extended their shopping hours from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. through December 23rd and 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. on December 24th.

Also, don't forget to enter the Kmart Bluelight Special Holiday Sweepstakes by tweeting and using the #KmartBLS hashtag. The sweepstakes ends on December 23rd so use the  hashtag for a chance to win every day.

*No compensation was received for providing this information to you. Thanks to MomFuse and AmericanPop for providing up-to-date and useful information to bloggers and their readers.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A week's worth of updates

My blogging and working day has not been going as smoothly as it sometimes does. I told you my laptop has died and I'm using my daughter's. The simple fact of working in a different location and with a different computer has gotten me out of my groove. I'm finding a little of that groove today along with a little frustration. Let's review my week to see what's going on and to talk about the things I've missed.

Monday: Weekly Inspiration

I didn't really have one this week. I didn't feel like wracking my brain or being particularly positive so I was going to skip it this week. BUT I love reading what Heather comes up with at Maternal Spark (she's such a muse) and when I finally got over there I found that she's not feeling too inspired either. And, you know, that's okay. Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves to do certain things and it stresses us out. Besides, this holiday season has been so busy for me, home & parenting have been a little chaotic and I'm behind on paperwork. Not to mention the days that I haven't been able to work due to picking up or dropping off children as well as attending doctor's appointments.

Tuesday: My health and weight loss journal
Speaking of doctor's appointments. I have so many coming up, which is nothing new, and so much going on that I'm beginning to lose track of exactly what's going on. I went in for a women's wellness appointment this week and everything went fine with that except the pressure for me to get a flu shot. That pressure is increasing because they say that because my immune system is weak then I should get it. I explained that I haven't had the flu (or the flue shot) in about 16 years. My children haven't had it either. The doctor says, "Well, some would say you're due to have it then." I take precautions and I figure if something works for you then why should you mess with it. It came down to her telling me that they (in rheumatology) are not going to be happy when they find out... "Just you wait." I feel like I'm going to be put in time out or something. Quarenteened or strapped to a chair and forced to endure the shot whether I think it's best for me or not.

I also have more blood work coming up, of course, more test results to get and more tests to schedule and get. Nothing that's too big of a deal, as I recall. Well, besides my appointment at hemotology, which I so don't want to attend. All of these extra clinics that the VA doctors have me going to do nothing, but remind me that something is going on inside of my body that has yet to be fully determined. Thinking about that really sucks sometimes.

Tackle It Tuesday & To Do Tuesday

I finished my wreath for the front door. What do you think? I like it. At first I just had silver and red, but someone made a comment that some green would look nice as well. I added some and played with it some more; I have to admit it looks better now then it did at first. Of course, the little kids love it. Anything that indicates Christmas is cool with them.

As far as the to-do list is concerned, I did get a closet straightened and cleaned up. Swapped out one organization, clear drawer thingy and put some of the kids' toys in a larger one. I would go take a picture, but I'm too tired to get up...

I wonder what TO DO is going on at 5 Minutes for Mom and Crazy Adventures in Parenting. I'll have to click over and see what's up.

Wednesday: Wordless Wednesday
Nothing really inspiring... just the beauty of my children. This is my youngest, Anna. I call this photo "Where are you going?"

I haven't managed to check out 5 Minutes for Mom yet to see others' Wordless Wednesday posts.

Thursday: Etc. ...
I have to do some book reviews, get some copies of paperwork I have to turn in, write some web content and clear off my desk... clean the house, finish the laundry, vacuum and all the other things like the nasty bathroom that I wish I could ignore. I also have to remember to go to the opitcal store at the VA to get my lenses replaced and visit a government office that I dread. The one thing that's bugging me the most right now is my checkbook. It.won't.balance. Well, I guess I need to take responsibility for that 'cause I can't get it to balance. I hate balancing my checkbook, when I keep up with it I hardly have any transactions and as soon as I get busy there are millions of transactions and I end up having to do some creative bookkeeping to make it balance. Can you say ignore it and move on?

I want to finish up holiday preparations, get groceries and any other thing that is going to keep me from relaxing next week. I have two deadlines to meet, an invoice to submit, an invoice to follow up on and probably a couple of other things that I forget by the end of the day and remember before the next day. Only to forget again. SIGH

Oh, I did win something from Hybrid Mom, which made my freaking day. She surprised me by calling; I hope I didn't sound too grumpy before I found out I had won an organizing basket. I can't remember if I was going to give it to someone or use it for myself (probably the latter), but I can't wait to get my grumby little hands on it.

Now if I could just keep my eyelids from continually drooping while the youngest, who is home sick and won't stop talking to me, prattles along around my desk. I think it's time to enforce my "mom's right to make you take a nap" rule so I can eat in peace, try to balance my check registry and shake myself awake.

How's your week going?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Timely gift

Technically, you can't give someone the gift of more time, but you can give them a gift to help them keep time. My oldest daughter is 18 years old and I would love to get her an elegant, name-brand watch like one of the Seiko Kinetic watches. (They make these for females, right?) Now that she's in college she said she needs a watch more than she ever has. It's a little weird though given the fact that she has a cell phone, but I guess it's easier for her to glance at a watch than it is for her to look at her cell phone.

I think kinetic energy, which is still considered revolutionary, is so cool - and green! It means that the watch utilizes the power of the human body to keep it running. There aren't any batteries and no winding necessary. Kinetic watches have oscillating weights that are turned by the constant movement of the wearer's wrist, which turns into magnetic charge and then into electricity. The power it gets is stored until needed and if it ever stops all it takes is for the wearer to put it on for recharging. offers a large collection of kinetic watches including Coutura, Sportura, Dive, Premier and Velatura. The kinetic watch was first introduced by Seiko in 1988 and is maintenance free.

That’s a gift that will help the giver, receiver and the environment.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

She shoots, she scores!

Know what I feel like doing?

...Opening the lid of my outdoor trashcan, passing my laptop from hand to hand as I race down the driveway and dodge the defense, do an alley-oop and slam my laptop into the can. In.your.face.

Nevertheless, I don't think that will happen. I'm sitting at the kitchen table, (displaced from my desk. No, I don't know why) and trying to focus. I hear my laptop (I'm on my teenager's lappy now) shut down and reboot. No, it's not ghosts of laptops past; it's my best friend working on it remotely.

The last time he called for me to reboot it in safe mode I heard him mumble something like "if this doesn't work then..." I promptly ceased listening and made a point to not ask what he said. My hope upon hope is that he can revive it enough to last until after Christmas. Surely I will have money in the New Year to spend on a new laptop. Or maybe I'll troll the Internet for bloggy contests giving away laptops.

If not, I quit.

Oh wait, I'm not a young single chick living at home with mommy and writing the next Pulitzer Prize winning novel. I'm a single mom with four children, a house, a mortgage, a million bills, expenses and responsibilities. A laptop, or computer, is how I make my dough. Quitting is not an option.

Unless of course you know a tall, dark, rich (semi-rich?) brother who wouldn't mind putting up a hot momma and her four children. Well, three full time and one part time. Whataya think? Anyone willing to pay my dating site membership fee? Maybe you have a cute relative of the male persuasion that you want to recommend.

Not realistic? How about this...

I'll drape myself in my sexiest yet conservative, relaxed yet professional gear and frequent hot spots where the well-to-do businessmen visit. Or the places that often have celebrity sightings. I'm sure I can reel me in a man or two. He'll fall in love and do my bidding. ...

What?! Not realistic either?

Look, I'm running out of options here. Okay, okay... Here's the last one:

Bust my tail (nothing new there), work like I'm crazy to make enough money for my regular stuff and the new expense of a lappy and just buy one. Picture me rolling my eyes here. How boring, regular and stressful. Geez, I so like my other ideas better. Way to shoot down a girl.

That's okay... I'll be in the driveway practicing my layup 'cause I'm sure I'll get a chance to take that shot soon.

DISCLAIMER: Please don't leave any tsk-tsk comments on this post. If you're taking this for anything than it was intended don't blame me for your lack of humor and ability to see a tired, burnt out mommy and woman for the procrastinating person (I should be at least trying to do something productive) she is. Hey, I wouldn't be a true writer if you didn't get some off-the-wall posts while I'm trying to regain my bearings. Now would I?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh what a Monday... week?

I had planned to get up and have a relaxing morning since I didn't have to get the younger kids outta the house. Leisurely breakfast, steady work, a couple of breaks before the duties and responsibilities of parenting kicked in. That all went a little awry after I remembered (read: looked at my calendar) and saw I had a doctor's appointment at 11 a.m.

I woke up late, wolfed down some food, rushed out of the house and made it to my appointment on time. Since I was at the Veteran's hospital I decided to take care of some other business and appointments, which resulted in me leaving there at about 2 p.m. That's 20 minutes before my son gets off the bus. Luckily my oldest daughter was at home to get him off of the bus and I rushed to get the 4 year old. I went home to eat my late lunch, sat for about 10 minutes then went to the bank (the errand I forgot)  and on to pick up my 2-year-old daughter.

On the way back home the sky opened all the way up and people drove like they had absolutely no sense. This is the first time I had the chance to sit down at the computer....

Speaking of computers...

It looks like mine is about to kick the bucket. My laptop has decided to... well, I don't know what it's doing. My computer genius best friend can't get it to do anything (he works on it remotely) and it doesn't respond even to me. Right in the same room.

HUGE GIGANTIC SUPER SIGH! No Windows Live Writer, no saved passwords, no ... well, you get the point. If I don't figure out something before my daughter goes back to college I am going to be up the creek without a paddle. Without a boat.

There are some old computers here and the best friend said he put Windows XP on one so I'll have to check it out and see. But then I think I'll be without FireFox and, once again, Windows Live Writer.

This isn't supposed to be a vent; just a review of what's going on. I'm tired just reading it. I better get to work and figure out what I am doing. It's a little difficult to concentrate right now 'cause my son is whining, my daughter is picking at her food, the other daughter is getting down instead of eating and the teenager is talking to everyone. Talk about a little distracted.

How's your day going?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just a little behind, a little random

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Besides the rain and cold, along with the lack of heat in my van, the weekend has been fine. Went to pickup the teenager from school yesterday and we went to a ballet, The Nutcracker, on her campus that one of her roommates was in. It was very good.

Now I'm trying to finish up some work (deadline today) while I eat (egg boiling) before I go shopping (in the freaking rain!) with the teenager. Hmmmm? Maybe I should start calling her "the young adult."

An-t-way, please forgive my temporary disappearance here and at your place (you know, my favorite bloggers) after I meet my deadline today/night I'm hoping things will get somewhat back to normal. LOL: My normal is just as crazy as my being behind.

Oh, but I do hope to have a little fun today, which I've tried to incorporate into each day. Maybe a friend will call and take me to dinner (Hint! Hope you're reading today!) or maybe the young adult will clean the house (Double HINT! You reading today?)... if all else fails I guess I'll try to finish my work so I can veg in front of the television. Anything's better than being out in the rain.

Take care... and let me know how your weekend is going, k?
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