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Friday, November 13, 2009


Through the wonders of Facebook, I was instructed to try Windows Live Writer. I love it… except for the fact that I can’t get my post to publish. One of my best friends who is also my computer guru extraordinaire linked up to my computer while I was away to see if he could solve the problem.

It’s still a no go.

So, that’s why there’s this random post… to apologize for my absence and delinquency. Guess I should have planned this better as well. I have an entire post written and formatted with pictures.

Just sitting… waiting for someone to figure out how to get it published. Right now I have to go rustle up some grub for the beggers… uh, children. I can’t wait until their father arrives… it’s been a long two weeks.

Hopefully I’ll be back real soon. Once again, wish me luck.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Has anyone seen my brain?

I'm not exactly sure what I did with it, but it's missing. It started taking long breaks sometime last week. First I misplaced a jar of peanut butter, but since it didn't show up I figured I was mistaken and it all had been used. I was wrong. The past week has been a comedy of errors, mishaps and faux pas... some of them you'll enjoy:
  • The "missing" jar of peanut butter was found in a box - a care package - that I was going to mail. There were three jars of peanut butter. Two new, one opened. Somehow I got them mixed up and ended up putting the open one in the box. Luckily I had to rearrange the box. Case of the loss peanut butter solved.
  • I've walked up to a light blue van, put my key in the door and tried to turn. To no avail. Twice. Once yesterday and once today. I think the same person is following me around with a video camera, purposefully parking near me and waiting to see how many times I try to get into the wrong van.
  • This week was my son's week to take snacks for his class. First, I forgot to buy them on time so they didn't have them on Monday. Second, I sent some on Tuesday, which he didn't give to his teacher. Third, I send a note saying, "They were in his bag." He came back saying they needed more. It immediately dawned on me that I had sent enough for a day, not a week.
  • Two of my children are taking a trial Tae Kwon Do class at a local studio. The teacher wrote their names on the uniforms in Japanese. After spending three hours there the other day I decided that both children couldn't go on the same day. So Amareah had class today and as soon as she walked in the studio the instructor started calling her Andre and he kept calling her that until one of the other instructors told him her name. "Ahhh, wrong uniform," he says. Oops, guess I can't read Japanese very well.
  • I went to mail that care package (which was a little large) today and afterward I asked the lady if she knew where the closest FedEx drop box was. She said she didn't. I walked out of the post office, glanced to the right and there was one right there on the sidewalk next to the building. Was she being a smartass? (I was fussing at children and struggling with the box ...) Or was she just clueless. Can't decide whether she loses cool points or whether I do.
  • I didn't plan the giveaway that well so the two week celebration may have to be cancelled or postponed. I'll have a giveaway, but it'll probably be three things. Not the 14 that I planned. Hmmm... maybe these companies need more than a week's notice.
  • I'm not even going to mention how many times I've been running late to get Amareah to school or the reason's why. However, you best be believing that regardless of how late I get up, I still manage to get Andre on the bus so I only have to take one child to school (they attend different ones) not two.

There ya have it. Well, at least that's everything I can recall. Recall. Hmmm... I didn't recall that the clothes in the dryer hadn't been sent through the cycle when I went to take them out.

Now, I'm about to help Andre with his homework. Hopefully there won't be anything amiss tonight. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Siblings relaxing

5 Minutes for Mom WW participants

Discovering pearl jewelry

As I get older my taste in jewelry - and all things fashion for that matter - has changed. I thought that I no longer liked pearl jewelry even though I've seen some up-to-date pieces in magazines lately. I was wrong. has quite a few pearl jewelry pieces that I absolutely love.

The site lists quite a large selection of freshwater pearl jewelry as well as loose pearls, which are perfect for those interested in making their own jewelry. The carry more pearl choices than I imagined: matching sets, necklaces, classical pieces, bracelets, brooches, rings and earrings.

It's a great site to explore when looking for a holiday gift for a friend or family member. Is this the type of jewelry you would buy for someone on your list?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tackle It... & To Do Tuesday

There are only about 34 minutes before Tuesday is over so this post is extremely late for Tackle It Tuesday hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom. However, for To Do Tuesday at Crazy Adventures in Parenting you can jump in at anytime.

I've decided to dive into both. I had an impromptu Tackle It Tuesday when I couldn't find a slip that I needed to fill out, sign and return to my son's school. I threw everything off of my desk and onto the floor. Never mind the fact that I am now scrambling to get everything cleaned up and find everything a home.

Tackle It Tuesday Meme


I remembered - way too late - where I had placed the slip so putting everything on the floor was unnecessary. However, I like the way my desk looks now... Maybe next Tuesday I can tackle the entire office especially the piles I have all over the floor.


It still seems a bit cluttered all over the office, but I can't bring myself to get rid of anymore books. I've cleaned them out as much as I can. Maybe one day I could try color coordinating or something. No, that won't work because I like to have the books together that are by the same author. IDK... Any ideas?

What am I going to do this week? Hmmm? What am I not going to do is probably a more accurate question. These are the things that aren't on my regular to-do list:
  1. Establish a spot to put gift items so that everything is in the same place. I can't remember whose blog I read it on, but someone called it a gift closet. It doesn't have to be an entire closet just somewhere I'll remember.
  2. Mail care packages and items to my oldest daughter.
  3. File papers, answer mail and find a home for everything that lurks on and under my desk.
  4. Try to remember what else I need to do that's not already on my list. :D
  5. Biggest one: Stop procrastinating and letting fear of failure (fear of success?) take over.
There ya have it. I've told you about my tackling and to doing in about 10 minutes.
What did you get accomplished today? What's on your to-do list?

Here's to accomplishments!


Hello. My name is Petula and I am a bookaholic.

No matter how hard I try I can not resist a good book. If I walk into a store that sells books - even if it's just a grocery store - I gaze at the books, I may touch them or I'll flip through them. I feel the same way about sharing information I find out about books or something I read in a book. At least a few times a month, besides the book reviews I write, I tell someone about a good book I've read or heard about.

This is the most recent book information I've seen today: At the UK Borders online Book Shop, you can find deals on a large selection of books, CDs, DVDs, magazine subscriptions and much more with free delivery to stores. Book lovers can find fiction, nonfiction, children's and ebooks to choose from. Although I haven't really gotten into reading an eBook, it's a convenient and much-loved way that a lot of people enjoy their reading material.

eBooks can be enjoyed while traveling and are especially handy when you're reading something that's rather thick and heavy. How much more convenient would it be to drop a The Elonex ereader into your bag instead of worrying about how much space a 300-word hardcover novel is going to take up.

Don't waste anymore time, click on over to and get the next item on your to-be-read list.

Download free fonts

Creative types are gonna love this one. Want some fun free fonts for scrapbooking, printing or website projects? There are more than 9,000 free fonts to download at!

This information is provided courtesy of The Mom Blogs. It's not a paid post, but I am hoping to win a contest. :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekly Inspiration: Begin anew

When I sat down to write this post I couldn't think of one thing that's inspiring me then I looked at my desk. It's mess, but once again this week I will get it in order (or at least make an attempt to) and start anew.

That's what the beginning of each week is... the beginning of each day. It's an opportunity to start over. Although it's easier said than done, when the to-do list isn't completed one day there's always the next day to finish up. Unless you're on a deadline then you better pull an all-nighter. Otherwise, just begin again.

Women, and moms in particularly, have so many balls in the air that it's difficult to juggle them and maintain balance. If we can decide to say "There's always tomorrow" without guilt then maybe we can reduce some of our stress.

This week I'll try not to beat myself up for what I didn't get done last week and I'll start fresh with new goals and a somewhat organized to-do list. What this also means is that I can't feel guilty for not getting to that drawing and artwork I told you about before.

Let each day be a fresh start to achieve, create and succeed.

For more Weekly Inspiration head over to Maternal Spark.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Take a day off

Although I get behind on work (responding to emails, getting and writing paid posts and making money), I've decided to take at least one day off each week. The last couple of weeks it has been Saturday, but I'm not going to worry about which day it is - I am just going to do it.

Each week Lin at Duck and Wheel With String has been encouraging us to take a day off from the electronic gadgets (mainly the computers) that strap us down and snag all of our time. I think it's a good idea. Whether it's simply to get some rest, enjoy the outdoors, spend time with family or read a book, we all need to take a break. Maybe I can fit in exercise and housework on my day off.

So, here's to getting unplugged at least one day a week. We deserve it, right?
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