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Friday, September 25, 2009

Disney Tickets

School is back in full swing and kids - and even their parents - need a little back-to-school break to beat the blues. Although some of us relish in the return to our daily schedules, we still have a tough time releasing the freedom and fun of summer. But there's one more chance to have a little fun: Take a trip to Orlando to visit Disney or other theme parks.

The fall season is a perfect time to go especially with a couple of holiday weekends approaching. You can take a trip for the Halloween festivities and you don't have to worry about breaking the bank for Disney Tickets. has some great discount tickets. Don't wait a minute longer to book one final trip for the year.

Mickey and all of his friends are waiting.


You know that letter, journal entry or poem you write that you don't want to share with the person or persons who you are writing about? You know those feelings and expressions you keep bottled up that you think others won't understand so you keep them trapped inside? You know the thoughts that haunt you whenever you're under your automatic operation switch?

What would yours say? ...

The journal entry
Seven days has since went by that the sound I love was heard
Had I had knowledge of this pending absence I would have prepared
Memorized the sounds, the rhythm, the hum of it all
Relished in the moment when my eyes last focused
To see it clearly on the screen of my mind
Play it on the speakers in my head... forever.

The random thoughts
One more sigh, one more moment, one more touch
A lifetime of dreams, fantasies, wishes gone
Lies, deception, passion, unknown moments
Secrets, doubt, rejection, fear
Brick walls, stone hearts, no turning back

The mysterious letter
Dearest Passing Introspection,

It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter. I'm not writing it for you or to you... I am writing it for me. Never has something felt so real then seemed like a dream. I still wake up and see you there. I hear your voice and see the images in songs. I see them in the words of novels, played out on the television screen. It's all around me. It's so real. So desired.

Maybe the images, words and sounds will fade with time, and maybe they won't. I don't think they will because it's the innermost, deepest, extremely surreal feeling from deep down, buried behind the brick wall inside the stone chest surrounded by cement. I didn't know it was there, it echoed faintly and was chissled out, fighting, forcing, seeping... pulled 'til it was free. It was free. It soared lightly at first, released into the cushioned air soaking up the surroundings and testing each space. Unbelievable. I.couldn'

I embraced it, released it, shared it and it was stolen, abandoned. Kicked. Bruised. I see the flutter of it still, the unsteady heartbeat, the lost pieces and I sweep up the remnants. Hold them tenderly and bloody my fingers trying to put the pieces back. I push and squeeze it all back into the stone chest. Slam the lid, pour the cement, build the wall and with sweat trickling down my brow and burning my eyes, I stumble, fall and slouch - exhausted and spent.

The Seeker

Looking at the Sky on Friday

I rarely get to see a sunrise. In fact, I can't remember the last time - if ever - that I've seen the sun as it eases high into the sky. I happened to look out my back window this morning and the sunshine coming in seemed pretty bright. I moved all the way to the left to get a better look and, lo and behold, shining through the trees was that big ball of light.

When I stepped out onto the deck, this is what I saw. It took me a couple of tries to get a shot because I couldn't look in that direction. The brightness of the sun was blinding. The first shot is very interesting ... besides the sun and the trees there appears to be a big sitting on one of the branches. Is it a bird or a weirdly placed ray of light? I didn't see anything on that branch, but - then again - I couldn't really see.

I've never seen a bird like that in the area so I'm going to try to enlarge the photo so I can get a better look. Do you see a bird?

I really like the next photo 'cause of the colors of red that are sparked off of the trees and leaves by the sun.
When I turned to look at the sky in the opposite direction there was nothing but clear blue skies with wisps of clouds. What a welcome sight after so many dark days and rain. I hope we've seen the end of it even as I see my weather icon flashing with a storm warning.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Foggy, cloudy, drippy

That's the state of my mind...

Well, I guess drowsy, not drippy; but drippy goes with foggy and cloudy.

Hmmm... I hope this post makes some sort of sense.

I've sort of been sleep walking through my day. I'm very drowsy and not as up - mood-wise - as I should be, but there haven't been any waterfalls today. There was a slight trickling a little earlier this morning... I guess I've gotten a little numb. Angry and numb.

It hasn't been a productive day either but I guess every once in awhile it's okay to have a day like that. I'll blame it on the drowsiness. That drowsiness and my less-than-perky mood has resulted in an almost complete lack of anything to write about. My brain has been blank all day. I added a few things to my sidebar, checked my email, goofed off on Facebook and I actually laid on the couch for about two hours watching Charmed on television (thanks, Brion) this morning. My lounging caused my 2-year-old daughter to fall asleep so I had a semi-quiet morning.

The best part of my day was when Shaunalynn's name popped up on my caller ID. What a sweet surprise. I have the best blogging friends ever. I won't embarass them by being all gushy about how wonderful and thoughtful they are. It's amazing how someone who you haven't even met in person can be so caring. A call from a friend and a gift from another (thanks, Lin... the card made me cry!)... there are the emails and the FB comments. I thought about complaining earlier and saying I don't feel the love, but that isn't true. More accurately I feel love from places I didn't expect it. Nice.

There's really no definite point to this post. No hidden meaning or message. No creatively deep words. Just an expelling of thoughts. Well, I guess that's the point then, right?

Oh, and before I go, oodles of thanks to Brion, his wife and kids on my birthday... you made my day.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Control fleas

I never realized there was so much to think of when you have a pet. I know a couple of people who have dogs and they do a lot of research and make sure to have the right products for them. Among everything that needs to be done for "man's best friend," is ensuring the pet is free from fleas. is a guide to dealing with flea problems. There are pictures of fleas to assist in identification, general tips including some natural remedies as well as recommendations on what to do about flea bites. Don't let fleas take over your pet - and your home - get the information you need today.

Monday, September 21, 2009


It has been quite some time since I've birthed a few creative lines. With thoughts twirling around in my head I am hoping by getting them out I'll get some relief. Brain relief, that is. Enjoy.

By Petula Renee Wright

There's something I want to say,
it crosses my mind everyday,
the thoughts getting in the way...

of my productivity.

If I tell you this one thing,
will it cause you to dance and sing
or sprout a fantasy wing...

and leave me.

My mind swirls around
although my feet are on the ground
and I get it all wound...

around my heart.

My fear of rejection,
is first before mind inspection
to make way for speculation...

and consider me.

I want to make the reveal,
but my confidence you will steal
when I tell you how I feel...

about you.

So tied up inside
where my thoughts, feelings abide
and hope one day you'll ride...

right next to me.

Now I'm all alone
locked up in my home
no time or place to roam...

come find me.

Weekly Inspiration: Stay focused

Maternal Spark (where creative moms shine) has developed her Monday's Muse post into Weekly Inspiration. Now you can stop by at anytime during the week to add yours. I'm excited because if I miss it then I can click over later and still participate. This is probably one of my favorite weekly posts because it always gets me to thinking.

So, let's see, what's inspiring me this week?
If you're a regular visitor then you know my birthday was yesterday. I spent a lot of time over the weekend thinking, avoiding certain thoughts and catching up on some work. Not exactly the celebration I had hoped for, but it is what it is. Or, more accurately, it was what it was.

Trickling over into the week, I suppose, is my desire to maintain the quiet, calm (in between the disquieting thoughts) and self reflection that I experienced from the weekend. My creativity peeked a little, which is definitely encouraging. So as I work on a major article that is due tomorrow, I hope to keep the anxiety and the impatience at bay especially with my 2-year-old daughter - who refuses to let me work - meandering about my office.

This is what she decided to do when I sat down at my computer:
Remove her clothes (nicely asking me to help her get her shirt off)

Then directing me to her room where she decided to put on pajamas (a random bottom & a nightgown) with a belt
Besides my fear that her antics will keep me from concentrating and working, I am also trying to keep the anxiety at bay that's trying to creep in regarding an ongoing "battle." My lawyer just called then the soon-to-be ex sent me a text. That's definitely anxiety producing developments.

Trying to maintain quiet, calm and self reflection goes right back to what almost everyone tries to maintain: focus, which is my inspiration this week. Focus on self to facilitate maintaining quiet and calm.

Wish me luck.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Me 41? Wow!

Today is my birthday. It's actually hard to believe since it kind of feels like any other day. The difference? So many wonderful friends have stopped by here (this blog), called me and posted on my Facebook page to wish me a happy birthday. And that's very much appreciated. Those wishes have made my day!

I'm not going to go into detail, but this weekend turned out nothing like I imagined or wanted. (Let's just say I had a real ugly cry as a result.) The bad part is I don't even really know why. One of the things I have figured out, like I think I've mentioned in the past, is that I really can only rely on myself. Let me briefly explain: I control my happiness, which I already knew. But every once in awhile I trust others to provide (fuel? help? give? carry?) some of that happiness. When that isn't met - without explanation or seemingly care - it is just short of devastating.

Now I sit here in the quiet (oh, how I love quiet!), semi-darkness and concentrate on thinking happy thoughts and I wonder how the next year will be. What have I learned over the past year? How have I changed? Who am I becoming?

My concentration is not on what others are doing or are going to do; it's on me and what I should do and what I am doing. It's on improving me.


That's what today is about, right? Yup! Beautiful, 41-year-old me!
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