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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Just a quick hello to wish you all a Happy 4th. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Friday, July 3, 2009

It's in the stars

Earlier today I was talking to a friend about a conversation he had with a woman he knows. He said she was coming up with all kinds of excuses for not doing something he asked instead of just saying she didn't want to do it. Before we finished the conversation he said, "That's how Pisces are."

It's funny how we characterize people by their zodiac signs, but a lot of things that each of us does is consistent with our horoscopes. If you're interested in your horoscope has free daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes. You can also get your love astrology matches and celebrity astrology.

Looking at the Sky on Friday


To check out more participants of Looking At The Sky On Friday or to join in on the fun yourself click the badge above.

It's been awhile since I've participated in this weekly meme that .... and I've been holding onto these shots to share. I have been trying for the longest time to get a shot of the moon and was finally able to nail one.

I think the key is taking it when it isn't too dark outside. Well, that's the key for me. :)

I love that second shot because it looks a little like mountains in the background, but it's actually clouds.

Get your demo rated

Everyone is looking for a chance. Are you ready for yours? is making it possible for artists to get their work - tracks, beats and lyrics - in front of real industry professionals who will not only review the work, but may also make it possible to obtain song and track placement on future albums as well as potentially landing a record deal. serious artists, producers and writers a chance to have their talents heard by major and independent labels as well as some of the well-known producers who would otherwise be nearly impossible to reach for the average artist. All you have to do is check out the site, build your own profile to network and everyone can comment on your music. While on the site you'll be able to see their top reviews and the different comments that are left. You'll be right in the middle of all the excitement.

Right now, Cool & Dre are in Los Angeles to work on some new projects with major labels and independent artists such as The Game. During the process they'll be looking for tracks that potentially could result in placement on the projects. To be considered you have to make your submission through and if there's interest you will be contacted directly through your account on the site. It's a great chance for those who are serious about making music.


Introduce your blog ... blog hop

I have never participated in Mr. Linky or this new MckLinky, but I saw this Blog Hop at Maternal Spark and thought I'd try to get in on the action. This week's theme is INTRODUCE YOUR BLOG. If this is your first time visiting me then let me tell you a little bit about me and this blog: I describe myself as a 40-something writer and mom of four ages 18, 5, 4 and 2. I write book and product reviews, share about my weight loss and health issues, talk about my divorce and parenting as well as share the ins, outs, ups and downs of everyday life. I like to think it's a little fun, a lot informative, entertaining and enlightening. I'd love if you come back often, comment a lot and I'll do the same for you.

MckLinky Blog Hop

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pesky mosquitoes

As soon as it starts to get a little warm outside my children want to be on the go. The three younger ones like to play outside in the yard, go to the beach and romp at the park. My oldest daughter likes lounging by her friend's pool, hanging out at the picnic area near the tennis courts and going in and out to one event or another.

They all would probably spend the entire day outside if you let them, but what I don't like is the amount of mosquito bites they come back with at the end of the day. All of the children, except one - my son, seem to attract mosquitoes like flies to honey. There's something in their body chemistry that those little pests like and it's the same with me.

That's why I don't get the chance, or take the chance, to enjoy my backyard deck in the early morning hours while sipping a cup of coffee. Or lounge out there when the sun goes down to relax before the end of the day. I hate getting those little (and sometimes big!) mosquito bites.

It's not just annoying, but it can be a serious health risk since some mosquitoes carrying the West Nile virus and other diseases. That's why the best thing to get in order to help with that problem is mosquito traps like Mosquito Magnet®. It's a trap that works by attracting and capturing the mosquitoes and other biting insects, which normally breed in your yard.

I don't like to take any chances with mosquitoes so I think it's best to do something proactive to rid your yard of the little pests.

Stress is making me sick

I just gotta get something Off My Chest...

After another terrible, pointless argument with the "thorn in my side" I am showing signs of stress-related illness again. Remember when I told you about how I was sick a little over a week ago and the severe pain that was going on in my mouth? Well, it's trying to flare up again. Not minutes after an argument with HIM I get a bump on my tongue. The correlation is clear: stress from the divorce situation disrupts my sleep, bogs down my mind, churns my stomach and reeks havoc on my body.

It seems like this will never be over and it will never make sense. There is no rationale and no resolution coming from these insane, forced conversation. That's the last time I participate. Can you get the point? Stop saying "we need to talk" when nothing you have to say is going to change anything. You have no resolutions just excuses, you have no sense and I am tired of dealing with this entire ordeal.


On the Woman's Bookshelf

I am in love again. Just when I'm getting over one obsession, I move onto another. My love interest now? One Scream Away, a novel written by Kate Brady.

A little while ago I received my review copy in the mail, but I didn't really look at it. I glanced at it on my desk and wondered when I would have time to read. I picked up the book during an intense moment of "I really need to get away" and I couldn't put it down.

One Scream Away is a romantic suspense that follows the killing spree of Chevy Bankes who - when the book begins - has just been paroled. First on his agenda: Get the woman who sent him to jail. Beth Denison, a beautiful antiques dealer with a closet of secrets.

Then enters Neil Sheridan, a former FBI agent who gets pulled into it all. His best friend, a cop named Rick, convinces him to help with a case involving a serial killer that has suspicious similarities to a murder Neil investigated during his career. The case leads Neil to Beth's door and amidst his suspicions of Beth's lies, the detailed descriptions of antique dolls and chilling crime scenes the murders and romance unfold.

For me, reading this book was like watching my favorite episodes of CSI: Miami, Criminal Minds and Without a Trace all wrapped up in one. It's one of those books that you insist you're going to put down as soon as you get to the end of the next chapter, but can't part with because you're so intrigued you have to continue.

I am not exaggerating here. If you love a great story with compelling characters to love and hate along with an awesome plot and unexpected ending then you won't be disappointed with One Scream Away.

Take a moment to check out my last book review.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

PayPerPost v4.0 is live

This post sponsored by PayPerPost

PayPerPost v4.0 is now live and it's looking pretty good. Literally. What is confusing me a little is whether it's going to work like the old PPP. Meaning, will there still be as many paid opportunities available? Will it be easier to use?

I'm sure you're familiar with PayPerPost v4.0, but if you're not then let's do a quick overview. Advertisers offer a certain amount to bloggers (or Consumer Content Creators) to write about their product, service or site on blogs. The offer is made through companies that facilitate this process = PayPerPost, which is run by Izea.

There are quite a few of sites that offer this type of opportunity for bloggers and advertisers, but PPP has been a popular one. So far, I really like the old version of PPP the best because it seemed more interactive and blogger friendly. Immediately upon logging in there are stats on how much you've made since starting with the site and how much is pending. You could get a quick glimpse of what others are working on, what's available, top bloggers and a myriad of other areas to click through to.

When searching for opportunities, there are quite a few listed on the old version, but so far all I see on the new version is the post you're reading. It could be that the only posts visible for my blog ranking is this one or it could be that v4.0 is just in its beginning stages so it will develop and grow over time. Before we all pass judgement and decide on the thumbs up or thumbs down, we should really get used to the new version. Right? Change is good. Growth is good and I am hoping that v4.0 proves lucrative and positive for all involved.

All together again

Tomorrow afternoon I make the trek to pick up my teenager, Amber, who will be home for the holiday. The younger children are so excited to see her. Even the toddler, Anna, who pointed her out in an old picture today can't wait to see her. She's the very much loved big sister and her little siblings don't fully understand why she isn't here.

I hope the weekend goes smooth with all the children in the house, but I am thinking that it will be the normal little sisters and brother getting on the teenager's nerves. Or her raising her voice at them. If it happens I'll just try to relish in the moment of them all together, and if it doesn't I'll be happy that they love each other so much and are too excited to see each other to bother with arguing.

A mom can hope, can't she?

If I don't get a chance to tell you, have a happy 4th of July and come back when you can to see pictures of our weekend.

Social security disability law

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Wordless Wednesday: Tiny tats

Last week...


Check out more of my pictures and hop over to 5 Minutes for Mom for more Wordless Wednesday, to peek or participate.

Hum a little

Have you ever seen a hummingbird flutter up to a flower, flit around and then disappear before you could even point it out? I have, but it's been quite some time since I've seen the beauty of this little bird.

If you're interested in getting hummingbirds to visit your yard then you'll want to purchase a hummingbird feeder. has some extremely cute feeders that are economical and easy to use.

Two of my favorites, which are new to the company, are Perky-Pet™ Magnolia Patented Top-Fill, Push-Pull Hummingbird Feeder and the same design with primrose. And they're just $11.

You can check their Hummingbird Migration Map to see if the birds are in your area now and, while you're there, go ahead and order the bird feeder of your choice. Bring a little beauty to your yard today.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last thought of the day

It's 11:27 p.m. as I begin to type this... I'm trying to get my mind to rest and my body to relax. Among the thoughts that I'm acknowledging and those that I am avoiding there is something in the back brewing. Considering.

Knowing someone who lives without logic, speaks without thinking and has the reasoning of a child can be a drain on the body's system. People who incite arguments and not solutions; who double talk and are purposefully confusing; who are two faced and go behind your back spouting dramatic exaggerations should be considered enemies. Ever putting my trust in people like that will ultimately bite me in the butt - again and again.

I must remember my thoughts so that I will never again trust the uncouth nature of an individual who has reeked of jealousy, control, violence and irrational behavior. Inconsideration, selfishness and immaturity. One who blames, justifies and exhibits hypocritical behavior.

The result: I must protect myself.

Luxury homes in Arizona

I am sure you sometimes get tired of hearing me talk about my dream home or the decorating that I would like to do one day, but you have to admit that it is fun to imagine something nicer than what you have already. If you live in Arizona then you will be happy to know that Cachet Homes builds semi-custom luxury homes in your area.

All you have to do to get started on your new luxury home is go to and put in your search criteria to find Phoenix New Homes. It's that simple.

When I did a search the site came up with three different floor plans in the same community and gave me all the information that a home buyer would need to make an initial decision. The square footage, layout of each room and additional information were all provided. And, of course, there was an image of the house. Seeing the actual house can get you even more excited when you're shopping for a home. I really liked the house that I viewed because it was that salmon color that reminds me of when I visited Arizona.

Whether you're already a resident of the area or relocating from another state, you can use Cachet Homes to help you find the right home that fits you and your family's needs.

A little lighter

My health and weight loss journal

I'm not one to brag, but lately when it comes to the subject of weight loss I've been feeling a little proud of myself. Remember last week when I told you that I am down to 160 pounds? Well, I have good news: I am now about 156!

I started at 199 pounds in January 2008 and my goal was 150. I am only six pounds from that goal. That is so exciting to me. I'm going to try and post a couple of pictures next week so be on the lookout.

Just in time

I have a friend who collects nice watches. He can tell you designer names, prices, details and all kinds of things that make a quality timepiece. From what he's told me, I now look at watches in a different manner and have been admiring some nice ones in department store cases and jewelry stores.

It was one of the things I considered getting Amber (my oldest daughter) when she graduated from high school recently. I noticed that she admires a certain type of watch and thought it would be a nice gift. I wasn't able to get one, but I have since seen a few Bulova Watches at that I think she'll like. One is the Bulova Ladies Stainless Steel watch with a light blue dial (the one pictured here).

This is just the type of watch that is easy to dress up or down. My daughter could wear it with jeans, a sundress or business attire. There were quite a few other nice choices like the Ladies Quest Mother of Pearl Dial Strap with diamond markers, which you can get with a black, pink or white bad. Now, that's what I call a diverse watch that can perfectly accentuate any outfit.

If you have an occasion approaching like a graduation, birthday or even as a gift to someone who enjoys quality timepieces then shop at They have a myriad of choices for anyone on your gift list.

Big bad bed smack down

If you're my friend on Facebook (if not, click to be my friend!) then you may have seen that I didn't have that great of an ending to my day yesterday. I got over that - for the most part - but I guess my subconscious was still fighting the issue because I tossed and turned all night.

I fought the covers, the pillows, beat up the bed, threw my cell phone around (yes, it was in the bed), coughed, wrestled for the water, left it in the bed and threw it around, stripped off my clothes... and woke up this morning sore and somewhat tired. I think that was the worse bed smack down I've had in awhile.

The younger children arrive this morning from their weekend with their dad, and it was so good to see them. They came in with good spirits even though the toddler was tired and kept trying to get me to pick her up. They were talking, telling stories, looking for toys, asking questions... I think I was wore out before 9 a.m.

I took them to daycare and things went down from there. Let's just say that I do not plan on talking to that man (their dad) unless absolutely, freaking necessary. I've known for the longest time that a conversation with him is a waste of time, but it was even more apparent today. I'm not going to go into detail - although I am itching to vent - because it makes me so angry. I'm convinced his sole purpose is trying to make me crazy. Let me add here in case anyone feels it's necessary to throw my words back at me or imply that I am trying to make myself look like the good guy: I can give as good as I get. I get angry just like anyone else and although this is my blog, feel free to leave a comment about what you think misrepresented you or anything you feel you need to say. Oh, and raise your hand - well, leave a comment - if you think that I'm perfect and try to make myself appear that way.

Unfortunately, I suspect that - although I have calmed down quite a bit since my conversation with him earlier and moved on with my day - there will be a big bad bed smack down tonight. Maybe I should drink some green tea, do some yoga and meditation before I go to bed to assist in some nighttime relaxation. Wish me luck.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Bed bugs

I'm a fairly particular person when it comes to cleanliness and I try to keep my home as sanitary and clean as I can. So when I learned that anyone can have bed bugs regardless of how clean you are I nearly had a fit.

However, having a fit isn't necessary, you just have to learn what to look for and how to treat it. Yup, there's bed bugs treatment. With treatment, which is outlined on, you can get rid of bed bugs.

Although they're not dangerous they can cause some quite irritating bites that you don't feel until after you're already bitten. And, even worse, each bug lays about five eggs a day so you can end up with quite an infestation.

Don't wait any longer to find out if you have bed bugs.

Monday's Muse: Fleeting thoughts

Today at Maternal Spark, the home of Monday's Muse, Heather tempted us with a ... uh, thought. "Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try! ~Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!"

Although I've never been a huge fan of Dr. Seuss (yes, I know, awful!) I am always fascinated and entertained by the quotes individuals choose to highlight. This particular quote that Heather used to fuel her muse today seems to fit me perfectly: I am always thinking.

I had a rare opportunity today and that was to lay in bed. Between my dozing and rolling, I did a lot of thinking. Planning my day, my week, thinking about family and friends as well as adversaries and problems. I didn't necessarily come up with any solutions, but I was able to clear my mind of a little jumble.

This is some of what I came up with:
I will stop being afraid of pursuing opportunities.
I will continue to take the chance to rest.
I won't give up on my blog.
I'm not adding anything else to my to-do list today. :)

There weren't any new creative ideas because I need to complete the ones that are already on the table just like I need to complete/accomplish the money-making ideas. Thoughts are very powerful. They can sometimes make or break us... every successful idea started from a mere thought. I don't know about you, but I want to make some successes today.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Trendy maternity clothes

I've been pregnant four times and have spent a lot of time searching for maternity clothes that look stylish and fit well. When I was pregnant with my first child more than 18 years ago there weren't a variety of maternity clothes like there are today. Now, instead of just the boxy, unflattering, tent-like outfits of the past, moms to be can look as stylish and comfortable as the next person. offers unique and trendy fashions at reasonable and affordable prices. Their prices are much lower than maternity boutiques (up to 75 percent lower), which is great given the economy. That's great news because now you know you can be stylish without breaking the bank.

COUPON CODE - KikisFashions is offering bloggers and blogging friends an exclusive 20 percent off. Just enter the coupon code "blogfriends" at check out.

Not exactly as planned

Remember yesterday when I was all excited about my BF - also my daughter's godfather - going with me to see Amber and take her out for her birthday? Well, things didn't go exactly as planned.

It was supposed to be a leisurely day where he and I hung out until it was time to go to Amber's campus. It wasn't too long after we got up that his cousin called saying that his wife was stranded 'cause their truck and broken down.

We weren't scheduled to leave his house until about 4:30 and it was about 1 so I originally thought that he could run and help his cousin get his wife. That was until I found out she was two.hours.away. Two hours south. Amber's college is an hour north of him.

To say I was disappointed that he wouldn't be able to go with me is an understatement. But I proceeded with my day arriving at Amber's dorm at exactly 5:30. The time we agreed to meet.

Even though she had asked for permission since all of their events and activities are mandatory, she still couldn't get away. Without going into detail and annoying myself all over again - I'll just say I wasn't able to see her 'til about 7:30 and she wasn't able to leave until after 8 p.m.


We went out to dinner, had drinks at Starbucks and enjoyed talking to each other. Although the day was nothing like I planned, I'm glad I got to visit with my best friend for a bit and see my daughter to celebrate her 18th birthday.
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