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Friday, June 5, 2009

Writing sample submission

This is a creative writing sample I submitted to eCopywriters on July 1, 2009.

It isn’t a secret that I am addicted to skincare and beauty products. Most recently, I’ve written about Advanced RevitaLift ® Deep-Set Wrinkle Repair treatments, the Neutrogena™ pure & free™ baby sunblock lotion and Relastin Eye Silk. I have tried Max Factor’s 2000 Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper and their Vivid Impact Lipcolor. And right now I’m testing the Active Eyelash Technology™ neuLash®.

I could fib and say it hasn’t always been like this, but it has. The only difference now is it’s more intense. When a woman reaches the age of 40 and over (sometimes as early as 35), she begins to notice the changes her body is going through. A lot of those changes begin to quickly to show up on her skin. That is what happened to me.

So, in my ever-increasing desire to maintain my youthful appearance, I ensure that my skin is well taken care of and my beauty regimen is solid. That makes it exciting to learn about what’s being introduced to the public and the things that have worked over the years. Of course, one can’t do that unless one keeps abreast of the skincare and beauty products on the market – new and old.

That’s why I always have my trusty petroleum jelly to soften my lips, Aveeno products for all-over body care to smooth my skin as well as tried and true Olay® and Dove® products. These are just a few of the things I can’t live without… a girl has to have some secrets.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Loving nature


Where does the time go?

I got up this morning to take my oldest daughter to the dentist. On the way I dropped the three younger kids at "Miss Kelly's." After I picked them up (after lunch), I called the pediatrician to make an appointment for Andre who has been complaining about his ear on and off.

He has an ear infection in each ear. I stopped to get the prescriptions on the way home, waited for them to get ready and by the time I got home it was 5 p.m.

5 p.m.

And I haven't done one other thing besides take the children hither and to.

No paperwork. No making money. No job searching.

On a good and surprising note: My son has two loose teeth. I happened to be flossing his teeth last night when one moved. I tested the one next to it and it moved as well. Wow! I said with a grin.

"Andre, did you know your tooth is loose... well, two teeth are loose?"

"No... it is? Where?"

He's been talking about those loose teeth since last night. He said to one of his sisters, "I'm getting bigger."

LOL. I'm proud, happy and feeling a little "oh my goodness" right now.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hair-y conversation

I find it interesting that this conversation came up on dNeero because I was just talking to a friend of mine about what hairstyles men seem to prefer. Do you think most men prefer women with long, straight hair?


Rhythm of thoughts

There's something about when things start going wrong then everything seems to go downhill fast. Sometimes I don't understand it. I get so busy with life - taking my children to the doctor, trying to plan activities for them, running errands, going to my own appointments, planning/completing what needs to be done to get my daughter ready for college and trying to make money - that I just want things to flow.

Now I don't expect everything to be trouble or stress free, but I would like a little normalcy. Is that the word I'm looking for? It'd be nice if everyone realized their responsibilities, listened to understand another's point of view and determined what is best for all and not just themselves. It'd be nice if I went more than a week or month without crying because I am hurt, worried or stressed.

I guess the good thing is I don't cry as much as I used to. The tears have been around lately, but I've mostly been a little numb. Just wanting to stare into space and focus on not thinking.

Once again I've been thinking about discontinuing my blogging. I hate neglecting my blogs and my blogging friends. It feels wrong somehow when I'm not here. Then I think about you - the regular readers - as well as those who have become friends to me. You email me, respond when I leave comments and I am generally interested in what's going on in your world. I feel like I can not be a good blogging friend, take care of everything that is going on around here (including divorce discord) and try to make money all at the same time. Since blogging gives me such joy it seems frivolous. Yea, it makes a little money, but that's not good enough. At least by some people's standards.

Life has been so tiring lately. I've developed "can't do two things at once syndrome." (You know that thing that most men have. LOL) I haven't been able to write anything creative or worth anything. I'm random, messy, exhausted, headachy, I have a sinus infection... oh wait, that so sounds like complaining. I don't wanna complain or vent. I just wanted to get some stuff off my chest (oh, is that what venting is?) and let you know what's up.

Forgive me (again) for not being around. I hope that my mind and life will calm down soon.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Supplementing will save you money

Having a baby is perhaps one of the most expensive life decisions one can make. Between diapers and daycare... bottles and bibs... the tab can really add up. That doesn't even include the cost of formula.

When my oldest daughter was born formula was about $10 per can (if I remember correctly). Nowadays the national brand of the formula I have used with my three youngest children costs about $26 per can, but national brands aren't the only options. Since all infant formula must meet Food and Drug Administration guidelines, the store-brand formula is an excellent choice for baby and an even better choice for saving money.

Mother's milk is the best nutrition for baby, but sometimes there's a need to supplement. With my three younger children I chose to breastfeed and although I planned on nursing each of them for at least 12 months, I was only successful with one. My middle daughter who nursed for about 14 months. Given her age I didn't have to supplement with formula, but with my other children I chose to supplement. I began weaning my son and supplemented when he was five months old because I became pregnant with my third child.

The baby, my fourth child, was weaned at about six months old and my pocket still feels the pain of purchasing formula. I checked out the Baby Formula Savings Calculator to get an idea of the amount I could save when buying the store brand. I'm glad there are store-brand choices because parents shouldn't have to overpay. Now store brand is available at major stores including Target, Walmart and CVS.

Walmart carries Parent's Choice Infant Formula, which is their store brand. Just think you could save up to $600 by purchasing a store-brand formula.


Proud mother, happy daughter

I have always been so proud of my oldest daughter and this past weekend was no different. She graduated from high school and will soon beginning her trek into college life and young adulthood.

She's starting a little earlier than we had planned because she was accepted into the scholar's program at her college. So, in two weeks, we're off and running.

It's funny, in a way, because I haven't cried. I guess with the friends and family visiting, and trying to make sure everything went well and that I didn't forget anything... I haven't really sat down and thought about what this all means.

I'm not normally a sentimental, crying person. I may get a little misty later especially when I have to drive home alone when I take her to college for the first time. Everything is moving so quickly and so much is going on that I don't have time to think.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend. Isn't my baby beautiful? Yes, she's still my big baby.

This is outside of the dome where the graduation was held. She's the "picture of perfection" even though it felt like 1,000 degrees.

The cake I ordered was cool and delicious. Everyone thought it was a fabulously unique cake.

No, she didn't get a car! LOL. Her Daddy Michael rented a car and let her use it for the weekend.

All in all, Amber said she enjoyed her weekend and she is happy. That's all that matters right now. Thanks to all the family and friends who showed their love, spent the time with us and shared in this joyous occasion.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sneaking, quick update

Yesterday Amber graduated from high school. I, to say the least, am very proud. I have snuck onto her new laptop that her godfather gave her so I have to be quick, but I wanted to let you all know that everything went well and I'll be back later today to post some pictures.

I'll also make my way to your place to see what you've been up to. I hope you had a great weekend.
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