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Friday, May 8, 2009

What's your parenting question?

'Can I call a sitter and take a nap?'

'Is it normal for my 2 year old not to be potty trained?'

Parents everywhere ask questions like this and many others, but they often don't know where to turn for answers. Sometimes they're concerned that they aren't doing things correctly and need an impartial person to share with.

They can find that connection and share with others at Parents Connect. There isn't any judgment there about whether you're being a good parent and, if you're anything like me, then that's exactly what you need.

Parents Connect has information for every stage of your child's life: baby, toddler, preschool, kid, preteen and teen. And, for mommies to be, there's a pregnancy section. I will be able to make use of three sections: I have a toddler, two preschoolers and a teenager. That makes this a good online site to connect with other parents.

Maybe I should go there now and ask, "Is it normal for my toddler to be tugging on the pillow that my laptop is sitting on and trying to get me to let her lay on it?" I'd say it is, but I'd like to hear other parents' toddler stories.

Let's get together now and connect on Parents Connect.

On & off

Do you believe in ghosts? If not, maybe you should because there's one who lives with us. It turns the television on and off. Not everyday, but quite frequently.

Now, I'm not going to say whether I believe in ghosts or not, but I do know it's better than thinking the alternative: That my television is dying. It's been less than a year since I mourned the loss of a TV, and I would prefer not to deal with that pain again. Plus, I like this one.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Special dress for a special day

Now that the day is almost here, I feel like it came pretty quickly: My oldest daughter's graduation from high school.

She has her cap and gown. She has ordered her yearbook. She has almost everything she needs for the prom. She's finishing up final projects. Finalizing plans for the summer. So, we have thought about or planned for just about everything.

However there's one thing that we have not figured out yet. With family and friends coming in to celebrate the day with her, we have not decided on what to wear. Sure she'll have on a cap and gown, but I know my daughter and she'll want something special to wear for the day.

Then there's me. I have absolutely nothing in my closet that I think is appropriate for the mom of the graduate. Okay, I'll revise that and say: I probably do have something that's appropriate, but I really would like to get a cute little summer dress that's cool, comfortable and appropriate.

Ami Clubwear offers a few dresses that would be a good fit for the occasion and their prices are pretty fair. The dress pictures above, a green multi-colored maxi dress with beaded straps, exhibits some of my personality and is perfect for a hot summer day. Since the graduation is indoors, a light sweater thrown around my shoulders would be a good pick and then I would feel comfortable moving through my day for the rest of the day's activities.

Whether you're looking for the perfect dress like I am or need some other type of clothing for a special occasion this may just be the site for you.


Just me & my son

Today my teen daughter took her 4-year-old sister with her as she ran some errands so they could "do girl stuff" together. On the way back she stopped to get the toddler. To say that my son was unhappy that he was being left behind was an understatement, but the promise of watching a VHS movie in the office while I worked cheered him up.

In between working and his watching the movie I put in laundry, started and finished dinner and talked to him off and on. Then after I was finished writing I asked him, "Do you want to go ahead and have dinner?"

"No, I want to wait 'til they come back."

"Do you want to have dinner with mommy?"

To see the joy and light come into his eyes and face was music in my heart. After the dinner was ready he sat at the table with me and we talked. He told me about school, what a friend did, asked me a few questions and I asked him a few:

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

"A daddy," was his first answer.

I thought that was so sweet. He said he also likes "cooking lunch" and something else I've already forgotten in the midst of the noise that the girls brought home with them. :)

After we were finished eating I asked him if he enjoyed having dinner with mommy and he said yes. I told him it was nice being able to talk to him one on one and that we'd have to do it more often.

What I learned about today's mother/son time was that I really enjoy having my children one on one. I'm not as good at the chaotic, multiple conversations that go on... well, "not good" may not be the right phrasing. But, I think all of you moms know what I mean.

When is the last time you spent one on one time with your child?

Redecorating with rustic

Have you ever thought about redecorating your home with rustic furniture? I'm always having little fantasies of redecorating my existing home or a newer home, and a variety of styles run through my head. I really like the six piece set of Cherry Office Furniture that Scenic Furniture has because it's a unique and streamline set that maximizes on space.

The set has an open bookcase, which is perfect for a book lover; two-door cabinet; a rolling base filing cabinet, another rolling cabinet and two rolling work stations. What type of furniture do you imagine in your office? Is rustic your style?

Testing my dream with "Put Your Dream to the Test" by John C. Maxwell

On the Woman’s Bookshelf

I’m an avid reader and I’ve been reviewing books for about 13 years. That’s why I started this column, On the Woman’s Bookshelf, so that I could continue doing one of the things I like most. Normally, I review books that are sent to me by publicists or books that I’ve had for awhile, but haven’t had the chance to read. It’s fun sharing books. (It’s okay, you can go ahead and call me a book nerd.)

When I found out that I can be a Book Review Blogger for Thomas Nelson Publishers, I jumped at the chance. The last book they sent was The Noticer by Andy Andrews and it was a great read. Honestly. I wouldn’t tell you that if it wasn’t true. Today’s review is about “Put Your Dream to the Test: 10 Questions to Help You See It and Seize It” by John C. Maxwell, a New York Times and Business Week best-selling author.

To tell you the truth, I was a little nervous about reading “Put Your Dream to the Test" because I thought, ‘What if I start reading this book and find out that I’m not pursuing the right dream?’ What I found out is not only am I pursuing the right dream, but I am learning key points to clarifying that dream and truly making it a reality in my life.

I must be honest here: I’m not exactly finished “reading” the book, but I have wrapped up the reviewing to tell you about it. I won’t mention that I missed my deadline and needed to get this done as soon as possible. ;) This book is compelling and has fueled me into action on each chapter instead of just barreling through without absorption. I am making notes, completing exercises and talking with those important to me about what I am reading.

The book consists of 10 chapters that pose questions and give guidance on what you should consider in regards to identifying your dream. Maxwell writes, “A dream worth pursuing is a picture and blueprint of a person’s purpose and potential” and later explains that it isn’t a vague notion of what you think may happen. It’s a specific outline of how you visualize it.

What I like most about the book is the fact that it has given me extreme clarity of my vision. I’m in the process of writing a specific vision statement that I’m going to post on my vision board, and I feel more in control of what will become of my future.

I find this book to be an invaluable tool to testing one’s dream and, of course, it’s high on my recommended reading list. “People who don’t possess compelling dreams are in danger of having their lives merely slip away,” Maxwell writes in the introduction. I know that I don’t want that to happen to me, and I’m almost positive you don’t want that to happen to you either.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Celebrity sightings in Kissimmee

Just the thought of a vacation has me daydreaming about where I would go and what I would do. Quite some time ago I passed through Kissimmee, Florida, and I was surprised at how much there is to do there. And, do you know what would make it even more fun? Enjoying my vacation with my favorite celebrity.

It may sound silly, but I can imagine hanging out at the Walt Disney World® Resort's two water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon, with Mickey Mouse. That would make it a fun and different vacation. What about getting a private golf lesson from Tiger Woods then chilling at the Canyon Ranch SpaClub® with his wife before taking a few hours to browse through galleries or shopping at Saks, Nordstrom and Jimmy Choo’s?

I don't know about any of that, but it's all there for me to do if I want. In reality, you'll probably find me relaxing on a beach or enjoying a little horseback riding. There's also Gatorland to enjoy with the children or some flying over the treetops on an exciting zip line safari. Almost anything I want to do is available in Kissimmee... with Tiger Woods in tow. :)

Anyone can have a celebrity sighting by going on a Kissimmee vacation. Kissimmee is giving away three weekend getaways (3 days/2 nights) for two and two week-long vacations for four. Drawings will be held on or around May 1 and June 1. One was already held on April 1. I'm going to enter... what about you?


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Celebs that tweet


Tackle It Tuesday: One pile at a time

This is the first time I'm participating in Tackle It Tuesday and I'm hoping over the next few weeks to get some "projects" complete that I keep putting off. Today, I chose to tackle a pile of papers, printers and who knows what else that has been residing on the floor next to my desk.

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

This is so sad to reveal, but this pile just kept growing. It had a mind of its own... you know how papers reproduce/mate? I'm sure that I didn't put all of this stuff here. Well, I guess I put a couple of things there: The printer on the right died one day and the printer on the left my daughter said, "What am I supposed to do with this?" I don't remember what I said, but that's where it ended up.

That white binder is a project I've been doing for my daughter. It has awards, recognitions and programs in it from the time she started pre-k (eons ago) to her senior year. I had to stop when I ran out of page protectors, but even though I've bought some more I still haven't finished it.

The small box I need to mail and the large box holds old Bibles that used to be my grandmother's. I can't decide what to do with them, but I don't think it does any good to have them in a box so I may look into selling them or something.

Oh, and the cords... BIG SIGH... when I switched my cable/Internet over into my name (from the ex's) it messed up my wireless Internet connection. My computer guy - my best friend who lives in Warner Robins - tried to figure it out through the remote fix-it program he normally uses with no luck. So, I waiting for him to come fix it.

I must admit that although I did get a good majority of the papers put away and filed, some of them went into my "to be filed pile," but that's for another Tackle It Tuesday. Now all I have to do is mail the box and make plans for the Bibles. Not too bad for my first TIT. Whatcha think?

Hopefully I'll get a chance to tackle something else next week.

Check out 5 Minutes for Mom for more Tackle It Tuesday.

Have you entered yet?

5 Minutes for Mom is having an extremely wonderfully Mother's Day giveaway with the absolute best prizes. You have got to check it out for yourself, but - as a little hint - I'll just tell you that I entered to win a laptop today! Good luck.
Mothers Day 2009

National Stroke Awareness Month

Did you know that May is National Stroke Awareness Month? We can all be proactive in caring for ourselves and our families by taking the opportunity to cryo-preserve menstrual blood, which carries stem cells.

Stem cells are reported as being the building blocks of life and have been used to treat more than 75 diseases and disorders, including stroke. AtC’elle, an exclusive and revolutionary service, women are given the opportunity to collect and their stem cells.

According to the National Stroke Association, stroke is the leading cause of disability in the United States and 100,000 young and middle-aged women will suffer strokes this year. One third of those strokes will occur in women under the age of 65. But because of the new stem cell therapy, research has shown that the potential to repair damage done during a stroke is very great.

C’elle is the first available service that enables women to collect and preserve stem cells from menstrual flow, but they are not new to the stem cell industry. To learn more about C'elle go their About Page and find out how they can assist you in storing your potential miracle. Or, if you're ready, click through to their Order Now Page and get started on your stem cell preservation.

Holding at 164

My health and weight loss journal

After many months of weighing myself daily and then once a week, I have finally started weighing myself periodically. I judge by the way my pants fit to determine if I've gained some weight and everything seems to be fitting about the same.

Just to make sure I stepped on the scale today. Now, normally I get on the scale in the morning, but I forgot and did it when I thought of it this afternoon. It said 164 pounds.

Yup, the same weight it said last time.

I'm not going to complain because as usual I haven't been exercising and, to make matters worse, my exercise bike has died. Yup, just up and died.

So me and my calorie counting will keep going and if I get any exercise energy you'll be the first to know. I'm not going to mention that I've been admonished by two doctors so far to make exercise a regular part of my life... And I'm not going to mention that I just don't want to. ... Then there's the part about me starting yoga yesterday and only getting 15 minutes into it before I stopped. Nope, I'm not even going to mention any of that.

Health wise nothing much has changed (same fibro pain and whatnot), but I did find out that I may be eligible for disability through the Veteran's Administration and I have some upcoming appointments for some other issues that are going on. Hopefully it's nothing serious just the trials and tribulations of approaching middle age. LOL... hey! Ten years away is approaching!

I hope all is well with you... if you've been working on weight loss then leave me a comment and let me know how you're doing. Or just say hello. :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Star Trek

I don't know about you, but I am getting excited about the May 8th release of Star Trek Movie Launch. If you're a Star Trek fan do you plan on seeing it on Friday? If you're not a fan, what new movie(s) are you looking forward to seeing?

Monday's Muse: Inspired by jewerly

My mind has been so clogged lately with my pending divorce, communications with my ex, taking care of my home and children, making money and my writing as well as getting Amber into and ready for college that I'm not sure I have any creativity in me. But, as I think about it, there are two bracelet sets that I purchased over the weekend that are going to be my creative fuel this week.

Here's what happened: Amber received a $10 off any purchase of $10 or more from Kohl's. Now, since we are super saving divas we went in search of something for just $10, which means free loot. Amber found two tees for $4.99 each and, of course, we just had to pay tax, which was less than $1.

There was quite a long line in Kohl's so as Amber waited I wandered around the jewelry counter drooling over all of the rings, bracelets and watches that I want. Good thing they were in the glass case because I'm sure a little bit of spittle would have gotten on those fine items. At the back of the counter were some shelves that had clearance items on them.

"Ut oh," I thought. "I should walk away now."

I found two beaded bracelets and rings for $8 each (original price = $20) and took them up to the counter to show Amber and have her decide which one I should get. As I'm looking them over I notice that they're $4 each and I held myself back from jumping up and down.

Amber had told me to get the set that was for "Tranquility & Peace" because, according to her, that's what I need. I wanted to get "Creativity & Joy" because I need that too. Well, at $4 per set I was able to get both of them.

These sets, which are from axcess - a liz claiborne company, are called Power Sets. The "honey jade" color is said to bring "Tranquility & Peace" and the "carnelian" color enhances creativity while the butterfly is a joyful symbol of metamorphosis. I'll continue to wear both as often as I can to help me keep in mind that I have tranquility and peace even during the hurtful and confusing time of divorce and chaos of everyday life. While I am calm my creativity and joy can take over to help with making money, writing and taking care of my children.

Thanks to Maternal Spark for always getting me to think more about what's going on with me and coming up with comforting and doable solutions. She often sparks my creativity and fuels my muse. :)

Bridal gown

It seems odd to write about this in this midst of a pending divorce, but I was thinking about my wedding dress just the other day. I thought my dress was perfect and beautiful in every way. It had a sheer, long sleeved overcoat with sparkling crystals that I was able to wear over the strapless bodice during the service. And during the reception I removed the overcoat to reveal the bodice and skirt of my dress, which was also accented with crystals.

I tried selling the dress to make some extra money, but I didn't get any buyers. The dress was in my closet when I saw a "wanted" post on A young lady was asking if anyone had a dress they could donate for her wedding because she really needed it. I sent her pictures of the dress and she decided to use it.

There are a few places where new brides can find best bridal prices, but I was happy to help her out on her special day. She said she would send pictures and let me know how her day went. I haven't heard from her, but I hope her wedding day and her marriage are magical.
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