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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Stalker fueled clarification

Off My Chest

I'm not sure if you remember when I told you about the regular
posting schedule I planned on doing. I've been a little lazy with it and have decided to revamp a little. I'll still do Monday's Muse (that's a weekly favorite of mine brought to you by Maternal Spark), My Health and Weight Loss Journal and On the Woman's Bookshelf. There was also a weekly column called In this woman's world that I've written a few times. The new column, which I'll write instead of In This Woman's World, will be replaced by a periodic one called Off My Chest. I'll warn you now that Off My Chest may sometimes be used for a little venting, but I'm hoping it'll be a chance to get some thoughts out of my head, off of my chest and some emotional release as well as your valuable feedback. And, as you know, there are a lot times when writing something out gives you a new perspective or revelation. So, without further ado and anymore usage of tired cliches, I introduce the first installment of Off My Chest.

Recently, I had a very futile argument with someone who said to me, "I don't believe anything you say ... Everything that comes out of your mouth is a lie." To say that I was shocked, by such a blatant attack of my character, is putting it mildly. Add to that the fact that it was a blanket ... all encompassing ... statement reeks of untruth itself.

I now find it unnecessary and an extreme waste of my time to have any conversation with this person. I also find it frustrating to talk to someone who is going to tell me what I meant by something I said or wrote. If I mis-spoke, wrote something incorrectly or it was interpreted incorrectly that does not mean I am lying. And because I have been so bothered over the past three days or so by the angry exchange I had to write about it.


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Check out my swag-ger

I've been noticing quite a few folks posting about Swagbucks so I thought I would tell you about it too. I recently (a few days ago) signed up and I already have 17 swagbucks, which are redeemable for FREE gift cards and whatnot.

Search & Win

It's easy as pie to use. I know as bloggers we do a lot of Internet searching so you can use the Swagbucks search bar instead of the one you normally use and earn free stuff and prizes. Why not give it a try today?

Repair Wrinkles with L'Oreal Advanced Revitalift® Deep-Set Wrinkle Repair #productreview #beauty

I know you've heard me semi-complaining about the signs of aging that I'm seeing on my skin, and a lot of you softly and lovingly admonished me for my perception. Thanks for the compliments! But, as you know, most of us women are hyper-aware of the changes are bodies are going through especially after the age of 35.

Being a woman who's five years older than 35 (yup, I didn't say the number), I have experienced quite a few changes all over my body and with my skin. Although I'm one of the lucky ones who happens to look a little bit younger than my actual age, I have still noticed that my skin is changing.

That's why when I saw the BzzAgent campaign for L'Oreal Advanced Revitalift® Deep-Set Wrinkle Repair I jumped at the chance to participate. For 18 days I have been applying the Advanced Revitalift® Deep-Set Wrinkle Repair SPF 15 Day Lotion and Night Creme. I began the test with fine wrinkles and the pictures are supposed to show my results. Above top right is before.

Overall the skin on my face feels really smooth. The bottom right is on April 13th and I've raised my eyebrows so you can see the creases that have developed there and that's where I have some fine lines. (I never realized that when you're younger you don't even get those creases!) I also have fine lines at the corner of my eyes and some busting out in my smile line.

I don't know if you can see that the fine wrinkles are a little less apparent. This new Advanced Revitalift® Deep-Set Wrinkle Repair from L'Oreal Paris® helps to repair deep-set wrinkles so you look as young as you feel. The best part is that you can get results in just eight weeks. How's that possible? These products have powerful anti-aging ingredients including Pro-Retinol A® and Fiber-Repair Complex.

The creams are easy to apply - one in the morning and one at night. The day cream is light weight and not greasy, which makes it perfect for wearing under make-up if you want to. The night-time cream is soothing and very hydrating. Both for under $20.

I give this product two thumbs up and encourage anyone who is concerned about deep-set wrinkles to give it a try. You can find this product at some of your favorite stores like CVS, Walgreens, Target, and Walmart.

Do you think you'll try this product? How do you feel about your skin?

Out & about

Forgive my absence today. I have been out and about most of the day taking one child to an appointment, dropping children off at school, going to a parent/teacher conference and now I'm on the way to a business appointment.

I'll be back a little later to visit your blogs, answer your emails and write some updated posts. But in the meantime, please click around while you're here and find something that you may have missed on another day.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Safe and sound

I pride myself on being someone who isn't scared of much; however, there are times when I am in my home alone at night that the settling of the house, the falling of the branches and the swoosh of the wind gives me a start. Just the other night I could have sworn I heard my back door open with a quiet and reluctant squeal. Although I have no desire to throw myself into the middle of a bad late night movie, I had to investigate.

There was nothing amiss, but I turned the outside light on to deter anyone or anything from breaking my private barrier. That is when I began to wish for a wireless security system to scare all the boogie people away. Now, if you are stalking me and think that I am unprotected, you'll be surely mistaken. In fact, when I reviewed I discovered that they are currently waiving their upfront costs and reduced their monthly cost.

If you're in the market for a new security system or want a more up-to-date one at a superb cost then you should check this out right away. This is one of those things you should take care right away to ensure the safety of your and your family's protection.


Wordless Wednesday: Sibling love

For more Wordless Wednesday participants, check out 5 Minutes for Mom or check out more of mine.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tweeting away


Deer oh deer

A couple of days while driving down the street (a two-way divided road with double lanes on each side) near my house a young deer ran tentatively into the street. She stopped in one lane, started to trot, turned around to return where she came from and then turned around again to proceed.

There were at least 10 cars in the area and we all slowed down trying to see what she was going to do. As soon as the truck closest to her started to pass she broke out in a run, you know the one I'm talking about - the leap of the deer. The truck sped up so she could get by and she disappeared into the woods.

Now, I'm a country girl so of course I expected to see more deer. I mean where was this little doe coming from all by herself? I thought about her for a moment and decided that I should blog about her (of course!). I turned onto a major boulevard and about five minutes up the road there was a mama deer dead on the side of the road.

My heart just broke. I am sure that the mama and the baby belong together especially since the baby looked so lost and scared. I felt so bad for her and hope that she finds her other family because it's unusual to see deer on that road in the middle of the day.

Sometimes I feel lost like that little deer... I wish I could go home to my mother and curl up on my bed in my own room. But I can't run away so I'll just finish this post and go run the bath water for my little deer.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday's Muse: pint-sized inspiration

One of the reasons I enjoy participating in Monday's Muse is because it warms up the muse muscle in my brain. Just today, as I tried to think of something to write for this, my muse was summoned but decided to drift right outside of my reach. Since my muse is often naughty and evasive I thought I would write this one without her. :P

As a writer, and a well-rounded creative person, when something doesn't come to me then I have to look at things that happen in everyday life to get a little inspiration. For this week, my muse is my 4-year-old daughter Amareah. She's my third child and my second daughter, and she is one of the most creative, talented and fearless individuals that I know.

She climbs trees as if she was born to do it. Well, I admit it's genetics: I was a girly tomboy who climbed trees, played with worms and beat up little boys. Her artwork is colorful and normally carefully executed. She says she wants to be a "cooker" and often bugs to help in the kitchen. I recently wrote about how I'm trying to nurture that desire in her at my From Toddlers2Teens blog. And, most recently, she has decided she likes to take pictures. For some reason, even if I say just take one picture she walks away (as I wince hoping she doesn't drop the camera) and comes back with 10 pictures.

Here is a sampling of her photographic skills...

You remember that little boy, right? He's Andre, my only son.

I actually love her pictures. When I saw the first few she took (I'll spare you the broken ceiling fan and an up close shot of her nose and teeth), I did a little wince/laugh. "Oh, Amareah, you're silly!" And we laughed together.

Then as I kept scrolling through I began to tell her how good her photos were and praised her for being so creative. And... we laughed some more.

This week she is my inspiration and muse because she's like the Nike slogan, "Just Do It" and if I would take that approach to a lot of things I'm working on then they would be complete by now. When she gets home from school I plan on showing her this post and letting her know how proud I am of her. She's my pint-sized inspiration.

The Noticer by Andy Andrews

Do you think your life can take another direction if you look at it differently? Andy Andrews, the bestselling author of “The Traveler’s Gift,” wouldn’t have thought so had he not met a mysterious old man named Jones who called himself a Noticer.

Andrews writes about this in “The Noticer: Sometimes, all a person needs is a little perspective,” a book based on a true story that combines fiction, inspiration and parables. It’s also filled with nuggets of wisdom and told in a story-like manner that’s easy to read, understand and makes you want to implement the profound revelations, insights and guidance into your own life.

In fact, reading the book made me want to do just that. While reading I made notes in the margins so that I could go back and think about certain aspects of my life. I realize that there are areas I need to look at from a different perspective.

The book centers on the citizens in Orange Beach, Alabama, who have the types of problems we all can relate to: marital, financial, relational, etc. Jones, who turns up just when they think there’s no hope, offers words that fuel change. For instance, he reveals a key to communication in relationships, which is realizing that each person speaks a different dialect. “A person from America speaks the same English as a person from Scotland, but their dialects are so drastically different that often they can’t understand each other at all.” The four different dialects that individuals speak are: spoken words of approval, favors and deeds, physical contact and quality time. Each person’s dialect is what they use to convey and feel loved, and once you understand a person’s dialect you’ll be better able to love and communicate with them.

If you grasp what Andrews is trying to relay in “The Noticer” then you’re probably ready for change. That’s because, according to Andrews, change is immediate, but it’s the decision to change that can take a long time. How long will you take to move your life in a different direction? If you’re unsure, or even if you think you’re going the right way, you should pick up a copy of “The Noticer,” which is being released today. I promise; you won’t be disappointed. I wasn’t.

Also check out the worldwide movement: The Noticer Project, which gives you the opportunity to notice the five most influential people in your life.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mother's Day Giveaway

5 Minutes for Mom is at it again... they're holding the hottest Mother's Day Giveaway in the blogosphere. Don't believe me? Click on over and check it out for yourself. I'm going to enter; good luck to me & you!
Mothers Day 2009

Simply Sunday...

The children were out for most of the afternoon yesterday and came home exhausted. They didn't start getting up today until after 8:30 so it was a wonderful, relaxing morning. I was able to read a little and then wander out after my 4-year-old daughter woke me up saying she was hungry.

Eventually they all gathered in the kitchen, we ate and relaxed some more. After a bit I convinced the teenager to go outside into our backyard and clean up a little. It gave the younger kids a chance to play. We climbed trees, threw balls, swung rackets, scaled fences (you know that happens when you combine balls with kids) and cleaned off the deck.

Sorry I don't have any pictures, but we were looking absolutely bummy. My son had on printed pajama pants with a striped shirt, Amareah had on jogging pants with one of my t-shirts and Amber and I refused to be photographed in lounging clothes and crazy hair. The baby was the only one who looked appropriate for being outdoors. :)

I made chicken sandwiches for lunch and the kids went down for a nap. They are still knocked out and it's the perfect time to work on a book review that's due, but I'm goofing off a little watching television with the teenager, who is "doing homework," and surfing the net.

It's really time for them to get up from their nap, but there's something so extra enjoyable about a quiet Sunday afternoon. ... Well, that's my randomness for today. What are you up to?
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