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Friday, April 17, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday

The sky was really clear today when I went to pick the two middle children up from school. I like how I can see the different colors of the trees.

This next shot is one of my favorite because it's sort of unique. It looks like the sun is attached to the pole. It's actually a flag pole, and it makes me think I can just grab it and take it with me like a flashlight.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Earth Day giveaway at Cutie Booty Cakes

To recognize Earth Month and to pass on information that can assist other families in being more conscious of their green footprint, Renee (thanks to Walmart) at Cutie Booty Cakes is giving away:

One Brita Digital Water Filter (value: $34.98)
One Bissel Little Green Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner (value: $74.88)
Greenworks Cleaners
White Cloud Recycled Toilet Paper
Tide Coldwater Detergent

I would love to win this giveaway because in this woman's world the carpets are dirty and we're not finished Spring cleaning. :) Pop on over to Cutie Booty Cakes to find out how to enter. Good luck.

Star Trek fans get ready

If you don't know me then you'd think that I'm writing about Star Trek just to make a little extra mullah. Although I understand that reasoning, I'm going to challenge you to get to know me just a little bit more today.

I am a Star Trek fan. There I've said it and yes, I admit that if you've had suspicious about my nerd status then now you know for sure. I am a bonafide nerd and proud of it. HOW.EVER, I'm not the kind who knows all the characters names, affiliations and alien status. I don't know about all of the ships or the planets they've visited, but there is a lot that I know including the fact that I really enjoy Star Trek.

One thing I know for sure is that whether you're a old-time fan of the original Star Trek or a lover of the ultra sexy Captain Jean-Luc Picard then you're curious about the upcoming Star Trek movie. Honestly, I can't wait to see it.

It's Star Trek. Nuff said.

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Now go ahead and make your plans now to go see the movie, which is coming out May 8th, and get ready for the Star Trek Movie Launch by getting your tickets in advance at Fandango before they're sold out. You don't have to wait 'til the opening day to get a peek though, check out the trailers and clips.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Initial & shorthand corrections

If you're the parent of a teenager, like I am, then you know what it's like to get corrected by your child on all things hip, cool and anything else they think you're doing or saying wrong. In a recent post, I referred to my daughter's godfather - who is my best friend - as my BF. I have been told that BF = Boy Friend.

Imagine my surprise when my teen daughter was standing directly outside of the bathroom door when I came out to ask me who my BF was. I'd told her to read the post about my day and I didn't see how that was the most important part. As I was explaining she was slowly shaking her head "no" and giving me the "you're so wrong again" look.

Now, if any of you other parents knew this and didn't tell me then you should be ashamed of yourselves! Aren't we supposed to stick together? I've also written other posts that included my BF Michael (yup, I'm not gonna change it now) and no one said a word.

Well, I guess I'll change it next time.

Now I have to think of something to call my best friend and my best friend forever Frankie. This doesn't make sense to me because if BFF = best friend forever then why doesn't... you know what... why am I even trying to make sense of this?

What hip slang have you messed up? I just messed that up by saying hip, didn't I?

Wordless Wednesday: Afternoon activities

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Neatly folded

It's no surprise that I'm not the biggest fan of doing laundry. I don't mind loading the clothes into the washer and dryer, but I absolutely detest putting them away. The worse items to fold and store are the blankets and sheets.

Now there's a product that is supposed to make the job of folding and putting sheets away a little easier. Styled Simple recently introduced the Fit & Fold, a "simple-to-use product" that is touted as making it easy to fold and apply your fitted sheets.

You're familiar with those dreaded fitted sheet, right? Although I find it fairly easy to get them turned into the correct direction and fitted onto the toddler beds, when it comes to my king-sized bed that's a different story. There have been times when I flipped the sheet several times trying to get it in the right direction and when I'm trying to put one away after doing the laundry I have trouble getting the corners tucked correctly or it folded to the right size or shape. And, let's not even talk about how bumpy it is.

That's where the Fit & Fold comes in for me. When I first tried this doohickey, I took it out of the box, read the directions and applied it to an old king-sized sheet that I use as a throw clothe. I knew if it was on a sheet that I use regularly then I wouldn't remove it to try it on another size. After a little trial and error I applied the two buttons with pull tags, the two buttons without pull tags and the four snaps that were labeled with the appropriate corner's name.

Once I got them all in place I attempted to fold my sheet. At first, it was a little difficult with the king-sized sheet because I thought I had to completely expand my arms to get the sheet smooth. I kept going and ended up with a nicely folded sheet.

Darn it, I thought, I should have put it on my favorite sheets. Moving it is no problem though IF you read the directions. I removed the snaps in the wrong order and couldn't get the two sets of underside snaps apart. This could have been because of the reduced strength in my hands, but you'll have to find that out for yourself.

My next "test subject" was a fitted toddler/crib sheet (above). Folding that sheet was a piece of cake. I was impressed with the folded result of both fitted sheets. After testing Fit & Fold on both sheets I wish that I had a set for each of my sheets: We use three crib/toddler bed, one full size and one king size sheets each week. I didn't like removing the Fit & Fold from the sheets to put them on another sheet because once it's folded you can't remove it without unfolding it.

Below you'll see the parts needed for each sheet. Notice the green snaps at the top of the picture? I hadn't gotten those apart yet when I took that. If you unhook the snaps before they're separated from the sheet then this won't happen.

All in all, I'd say the Fit & Fold is a great product to make one of those dreaded laundry tasks a little more pleasant. Just add $9.99 per set to your budget to make the task easier for you too.


Served, dazed, locked

I knew it was coming so I was not surprised. I was expecting it, but I was still dreading it. The sheriff served my divorce papers today. It's a little funny because I was pulling my van out of the driveway, on my way to the courthouse to find out if they'd been file, and to try and get a copy.

When I turned to see if the coast was clear a police car stopped in front of my house. Being the "smile around people" type of person, I popped out of my van and said, "Hey, I was just on my way to the courthouse to see about those."

He was very nice. Apologized for mispronouncing my name and recommended that I have my lawyer look at them right away.

Now don't take my flippant attitude for calm about this situation. As a matter of fact, I was in somewhat of a daze as I drove to Walmart to exchange an ink cartridge. (Yup, got the wrong one earlier.) I tried to call my BFF, but he wasn't available so I called the BF to let him know I'd been served.

Arriving at Walmart I jumped out of the van, slammed the door and immediately said, "Sh*t!" Unfortunately, my mouth seems to get dirtier by the day.

"What?" BF asked.

"I locked my keys in the car."

If I was in denial that my pending divorce wasn't bothering me; the reality smacked me right upside my head with a slam of the door. Lucky for me - and I am choosing my words carefully here - I was in a colorful area and knew that it would be a matter of finding the right person to help me.

I spotted them right away. Two young Walmart employees were gathering carts. I approached them and said, "Excuse me, I know this may sound weird, but do you know how to break into a car?"

"What type is it?" One asked.

Fifteen minutes later the keys were in my hands and my heroes went on about their day. Now, I must say, I will never complain about that Walmart again.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Guess who's a part of the "It's a Woman's World" team?

Hello all. This is Petula's favorite loser (oh, I'm sorry) BFF Frankie. Petula has seen fit to make me a part of the blog team - an honor of which I am really proud. I don't believe I'd write for anyone else. Anyway, I wanted to introduce myself and say a couple of things that I think should be said (and I'm the one to say it).

My name is Frankie. Actually that's not my name, but that's what Petula calls me. I am a chemist by training and trade. I have been Petula's friend for about 23 years. (Which is amazing 'cause Petula is so young and I am sooo old.) Uhhh... and I guess you'll find out other things as we go along.

In my humble opinion, Petula is a wonderful person, writer, mother, woman and, most of all, friend. She is sometimes hard on herself (aren't we all though?), but she is funny, insightful, caring and beautiful (inside and out). Those of us who frequently read "IAWW" already know this, don't we? So, if you are just passing by take it from me, it would be worth your while to come back, keep up, subscribe and please comment. Oh, if you need editing services then she's extremely good at that too. (Lord knows she gives me the business cause I'll mess up with the quickness.)

Just to let you know, Petula has NO idea I am posting this so I am interested in how quickly she'll notice this post and take it down. So as I said in my Monday's Muse post, I hope my writing doesn't bring down the quality too far and I hope you enjoy my interjections. I'm sure I will and I'm also sure I'll be in trouble a whole bunch.

Peace and blessings my new friends!


Who won the widget?

Not too long ago Jo (Life's Perfect Pictures) challenged us - her friends and readers - to pay it forward by doing something for a blogger or something in our community. I told you, in a previous post, that I already donate clothes and items to my local Goodwill as well as give away whatever we're not using to friends or fellow FreeCyclers.

The second thing I decided to do was give away premium ad/widget space here on my blog from April 13th to May 13th. Since I wasn't able to get online yesterday, I didn't have an opportunity to reveal who won the space. So I am doing that now. The winner's widget will run from today, April 14th to May 14th.

It was quite a difficult and long decision-making process. First, I had to implement a highly complicated drawing system and then input all of the entrants' information. After that the winner was randomly chosen.

I just gave myself a little chuckle because I actually kind of stole that little scenario (give or take) from Lin. What I actually did was swivel my chair to face my teenager who has a desk behind mine and I said, "Give me a number between one and five." She chose number four, which corresponded with...

guess who?

... LIN of Duck & Wheel with String!

It's pretty fabulous that Lin won the space because she's one of the best blogging friends that I have. She's creative, nice, caring and an absolute hoot. It's also pretty cool that she won because her widget is on my Entrecard today.

Congratulations Lin!

Kinda connected

First, let me say: 1) Thank you to my BF Michael who has gotten me connected to the Internet and is still working on getting my wireless connection and network back up. 2) Thank you to my BFF Frankie for keeping track of my email, dropping and writing yesterday's post. I can always count on him! By the way, I think I'm going to figure out how to add him as a contributor or whatever so it says that he's posted instead of my name. Frankie, you'll officially be a contributor to "It's a woman's world!" (Gotta have men here too, right?)

Second, I am so freaking happy to be back online. I actually had withdrawal symptoms. I stomped around, yelled, pouted and finagled another pot of coffee to "make me feel better." However, I must admit that I was able to open a good bit of old mail, file a couple of papers, process some paperwork, read part of a book that I'm reviewing and, most importantly, I relaxed for an hour and used the time to moisturize, apply cuticle oil, read a couple of magazines and another book I'm reading just for fun.

Now, although I don't have many work hours left today, I hope to get back on track with my to-do list and daily work. I'll see you around, okay?

BTW: How was your Monday?

Monday, April 13, 2009


"I wish I could say I am on an impromptu vacation," Petula said. That is what she said after she vented about her broken modem situation. If you haven't figured it out yet this isn't Petula. This is Frankie, the dutiful assistant/BFF relaying her dismay. Petula is upset and sorry that she isn't able to post today's Monday's Muse, the winner of the Pay It Forward ad/widget and a promised product review.

She hopes to be back in the business of blogging tomorrow and I hope so too because I know blogging makes her happy and she is so much better at it than I am.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Seeing the same

"The more things change, the more they are the same."
-Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, Les Guêpes, January 1849

This evening I witnessed someone's reaction to something they said was "unexpected." I listened to them make excuses about why they were yelling and screaming at the top of their voice. About why I could hear them when I was inside of a building and they were outside. I listened to them say why they did it around certain individuals. And even though they said, "I apologize" for doing it outside of this particular building, they still justified their actions: "You know how I get" and "It just took me off guard" and blah blah blah.

Why is this important to me? Actually, it probably shouldn't be, but it was kind of one of those things where you realize that what you thought was actually correct. I thought the person hadn't changed and I realized it was true. The temper was still there, the immaturity was still there, the justification for wrong behavior was still there... I know I am not perfect and I continue to work on myself, but it is a relief (maybe that's not the right word) to see that I made the right decision.
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