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Friday, April 3, 2009

Shop sale 'til April 18th

I know you've heard me say it before, but I have to say it again: I love to find a good deal. That is why I keep my eye open for clearance sales like the one that's going on at Sears. Sears, which happens to be one of my favorite stores to shop at, is offering 75 to 80 percent off original prices on Fall and Winter clothes from now until April 18th.

If you're like me then you know you can find all kinds of things that you need by shopping during clearance sales like this one. Although it says "fall and winter," don't let that stop you from going to check it out. You may just find a few things you can use now like light sweaters or jeans, and don't forget to think about what you'll need for the next year.

Although I am not really up to it, I know my teenage daughter and I are going to venture out this weekend to see what's on sale and find her a gown for her upcoming prom. While we are out I think it will be a good idea to swing by Sears. And you should too.

Now just don't take my word for it; stop by and see for yourself what Sears has to offer. And you'd better hurry because the sale ends in about two weeks.

Happy shopping.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Life. In Pictures. Day 4

I must admit that this picture challenge has been great fun. It's helped me to think about something I've been desiring to do more of and that's take pictures. Not just any pictures, but taking the everyday thing and making it a little creative. It's also a great way to show people more about me.

Today's picture - "something you do everyday" - is something you already know that I do. I decided to choose this because it's so much of who I am. Whether I'm scheduling doctor's appointments, writing a post, composing an email, doing research, working on my book(s), talking to my friends, conversing with my children... a lot of it is done right from this spot.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the final challenge: Something old.

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Perfect window coverings

I know you've heard me say it before, but I can't resist talking about my dream house and the way I would like it decorated. Sometimes I imagine a pretty picture window with fancy valances. When I first thought about my dream home there wasn't an Internet to conveniently shop and order things. Now I can just click through to to see exactly what I want.

Mommy and baby need prayer

My friend Shaunalynn wrote a post yesterday asking for prayer for her friend Mindy who is 20 and 1/2 weeks pregnant.

This is what she said, "Last year, she gave birth to a son at 21 weeks and lost him an hour and a half after his birth. Yesterday at her doctor's visit, she learned that she is having problems with this pregnancy and may end up in the hospital before the weekend. There is concern that her cervix will give out again before the baby boy is ready to be born. Please, please pray for Michael, Mindy and Baby Micah."

Prayer is a powerful thing so let's pass this message around for others to join us in prayer for Mindy, Michael and the baby. Also, please take a moment to share this with your readers - we can form a prayer chain around the world.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This is me. What kind are you?

I have been ignoring these Blogthings lately, but I thought this one was cute. Do you think this fits me? I'd be interested to see what kind of blogger you are.

You Are a Pundit Blogger!

Your blog is smart, insightful, and always a quality read.

You're up on the latest news, and you have an interesting spin on things.

Of all the blogging types, you put the most thought and effort into your blog.

Truly appreciated by many, surpassed by only a few


Paying It Forward

Jo, my oh-so-talented and sweet photographer/blogger friend, from Life's Perfect Pictures posted a Pay It Forward challenge yesterday about doing something for fellow bloggers and the community. I decided to take on the challenge, but I had no idea how I was going to pay it forward.

Many of you know that Oprah is a big fan of paying it forward and people have done amazing things for others as a result. I guess I was thinking I needed to do something amazing or surprising. Jo gave the first three commentors to her post a surprise gift, and I thought that was wonderfully generous.

I don't have anything to giveaway or the ability to buy anything right now, and I knew if I waited to do it I would forget. That would so totally be the opposite of paying it forward. Then two things dawned on me: 1) I do a little for my community every month by giving away clothes or items that we don't need to individuals and the Goodwill. 2) I can advertise someone's business, product or service for them FOR FREE.

Now that's where you come in! If you'd like your business, product or service advertised here on "It's a woman's world" then all you have to do is leave a comment. I will randomly choose one person to have their widget (one that you've already created) placed above the Entrecard widget on the left-hand side of this blog.

Comments are open between now, April 1st, to Monday April 6th. The winner's widget will be displayed from April 13th through May 13th. You don't have to be a blogger to win, but you do have to have a website and your own widget.

I'm hoping that "a little goes along way" and the person who's chosen will see increased traffic and customers. Good luck... oh, and I'm passing the challenge on to you: How will you pay it forward?


My Life. In Pictures. Day 3

Today's challenge is to photograph "the view from your front door." When I came home from an errand I stood looking around from my front door and trying to decide exactly what I wanted to capture.

The view is actually quite boring: some houses, bunches of trees, my van, long grass, the street... so I looked a little closer and decided on:

This is a picture of a bird house that hangs from one of the trees in my front yard. It was there when I moved in in 2003 and I've never cut it down, repaired it or put food in it to see if it attracted birds. Sometimes when the sun hits it just right it the light reflects into the living room and onto the television. I think if I got rid of it now I would miss that sudden burst of light.

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Wordless Wednesday: Sharing

Join 5 Minutes for Mom for more Wordless Wednesday or check out more of mine.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Congratulations to the winner!

Last week I participated in 5 Minutes for Mom's Ultimate Blog Party. Not only did I enter a lot of contests and meet many awesome women, but I also offered two prizes: "Money Games: 85 Fun Ways to Save Money and Attract Abundance" by Randy Petrick and the Baby Signs Complete Potty Training starter kit. Thanks to Randy and Baby Signs for offering these wonderful products to my fabulous readers.

Now for the news you wanted to read: Amanda Henson of won Money Games.
Congratulations, Amanda, your book will be in the mail to you very soon.

Take a moment to read my review of Money Games and stay tuned for my potty training update and review of the potty training kit.

My Life. In Pictures. Day 2

I came across a fabulous blog, Everything Except The Grill, and discovered a cool photography challange: "My Life. In Pictures." I'm a little late, (it began yesterday), but the instructions say participants can do it everyday, one day or anything in between.

Today's challenge is to photograph "something on your table." My table either has a bunch of stuff on it or nothing at all except the yellow bowl and a vase. Today is one of the days that it's filled with children's projects, mail, magazines, fruit, nuts, etc. I like this photo because it's colorful and makes me forget that outside it's a rainy, dark day.

Find out more about the challenge at href="">Everything Except The Grilland even if you don't participate you can take a look at all the great photographs.

If I had the words...

When thoughts are brewing in my head and life's madness swirls around me I find myself at a loss for words to describe what I am thinking and feeling. It's as if I am empty and full at the same time.

Full of thoughts, feelings and emotions, but empty of a way to express them. Release them.

These thoughts are weighing me down. They're draining my spirit, and I feel like I can't stop it from happening.

When I manage to get above the heaviness there are people who are waiting in the darkness - right before the light - to cause me to sink. I can't ignore them because they don't respect the words I manage to speak.

Their presence makes everything darker. Their logic makes everything blurry. Their existence makes everything just sad.

If I had the words, if I could get it out, if they'd pay attention, understand, know, love and act in love, if they'd hear, listen and take the time I. would. say. STOP. Just make it all stop.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday's Muse: A shell of a memory

I've never been able to find a suitable location in my home for the conch shell I got during a trip to Turks & Caicos more than seven years ago. About a week ago I moved it from a spot in my office where it had sat for quite a number of years and put it on the bookshelf where I keep the O Magazines*, which I can't bear to throw away.

Truth be told, the last time I was moving things around in the office my youngest scratched her leg on it. I thought briefly about throwing it away because the vision I have for my beach-colored, tranquil, spa-like master bathroom seems too far away and dreamlike to save it. That dream room is unrealistic in this house because we have one bathroom that I share with four children. But each time I think of disposing of the shell; I just can't bring myself to do it.

That shell once held a life - a large saltwater snail to be exact. It's also a symbol of a carefree and happy time for me: I was doing travel writing and the trip to Turks & Caicos was the first my oldest daughter, who was about 10 at the time, was able to attend with me. She was quite impressed with our travel and accommodations, but most importantly it was a moment we were able to share together.

At the time I envisioned being able to share more trips like that with her. I had a lot of dreams that are starting to fade including returning to Turks & Caicos. Those fading dreams made me think that the shell no longer fits its purpose.

Now I keep glancing at it... I guess I can still see possibilities in it. And if I pay close attention I can still hear my dreams coming from it. More than seven years ago I had high hopes for the life path I was on and I thought (just like conch that lived within) the dreams died away.

The reality is I can't let those dreams die. I may not have been able to bring a live conch home, but I have the most beautiful part - the shell. My memories are also the beautiful part and the dreams may be fading, but I can let that shell spark new dreams.

What sparks your dreams today?

For more of mine check out all of my other Monday's Muse posts.

*For me, each O Magazine is a message of self, creativity and womanhood. It's the evidence of a woman's dream that I can't stand to part with.
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