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Saturday, March 21, 2009

My daughter's senior prom

My 17-year-old daughter Amber is excited about her upcoming senior prom. She's been talking about it for almost five months and started looking at dresses in January. Luckily when she looked at prom dresses for her junior prom last year, we determined which styles look best on her so this time she shouldn't have to try on every single dress.

We decided to go out again tomorrow to look at prom gowns. Well, I guess I should say cocktail dresses since Amber doesn't want to wear a long gown for her prom - no matter how much I beg. She wants to wear a cute little number like she had on last year; however, I did talk her into looking at tea length dresses including those classy ones that train in the back. You know, a sort of asymmetrical look.

Finding the perfect dress for this prom will help to ensure a memorable evening. If she likes how she looks, she'll feel confident and have a lot of fun. Of course, one of the other key ingredient to being comfortable is trying to find a unique cocktail dress that no one else has at this formal event. A dress that would look good on Amber is one with a halter top or backless bodice, fitted waistline and slightly flared skirt.

A lot of the girls are looking for designer dresses - like Sherry Couture, Alyce Designs Black Label Collection and Tony Bowls - that are sometimes made in limited numbers to help ensure individuality. That really adds to the special feel of the evening.

Do you remember your senior prom?

Friday, March 20, 2009

I love to party!

The Ultimate Blog Party 2009 at 5 Minutes for Mom is underway and you have to get in on the action just like I am. It doesn't matter if you're a blogger or not, you'll still have a chance to win. The party is jumping from March 20-27.

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

All you have to do is go to 5 Minutes for Mom (click the banner) to enter. BUT before you go, I have a few things to tell you first about the party going on here at It's a woman's world! (You'll have to go to 5 Minutes for Mom to enter to win those... and check out all the other great prizes up for giveaway. The prizes listed here are numbers 131 and 132 on the US Continental Only Prize List.)

Thanks to Baby Signs® and Randy Petrick (the author of "Money Games"), I'm participating in giving away two prizes during the party: A copy of Randy's book, "Money Games: 85 Fun Ways to Save Money and Attract Abundance," and A Complete Potty Training Starter Kit.

If you're a regular reader you'll remember that Randy gave away a book to everyone who entered my last contest.

AND you may also remember by potty training challenges with my youngest daughter. I am hoping that the potty training kit will encourage her to tinkle and boo boo on the potty. So far she really enjoys the All Aboard the Potty Train book and DVD, and she'll do the Baby Signs®. That's as far as we've gotten so wish me luck and stayed tuned for potty training updates.

Now, for one of the best parts, I want to win a prize too! My top three picks are:

  1. Bracelet from Sydney Andrews
  2. $50 gift certificate to Target Stores from Shoot-Me-Now
  3. Omron HJ-112 Digital Premium Pedometer Fat Loss Chronicles

There are at least 100 things I would like to win, but my other choices would be 50, 51, 55, 56, 58, 66 and 71. Wish me luck, okay? Oh, and don't forget to enter to win yourself, but don't enter to win what I want to win, okay? LOL!

Enjoy the Ultimate Blog Party between now and March 27th... It's a great way to find other blogs, great sites and make new friends.

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

See me LIVE on

This Sunday, March 22nd at 7 p.m., you can watch me LIVE on NewRoadsVideo (a digital online TV station) talking about my writing including my experience in magazine article writing, editing and blogging. I'll also give a little advice to those interested in starting a blog. You'll be able to view and join in (yes, it's interactive) by going to

Don't forget to check me out Sunday, March 22nd at 7 p.m. on


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Company image

When I was a little girl my paternal grandmother began teaching me how to cook. She would tie one of the little pink bib aprons (I still have that apron to this day) around me and we would cook together. The memories of watching and helping her are ones that will never fade.

I wonder if individuals who work in the food services industry, or anywhere else that requires aprons, ever think about the first time they donned one. At iD by Landau companies can really express their corporate identity by ordering chef aprons and pocket aprons for their employees. offers vinyl, long, nylon and tuxedo style aprons - among others. With all the different colors and styles available, along with the functionality and trendsetting styles, it's easy for a company to present the right image to their clients and customers. It's also easy to induce fond memories - and perform well at a job - when you're wearing high-quality work wear.

If your company, or a company that you’re aware of, needs to update their aprons or purchase new ones then have them go to to view what’s available. iDbyLandau is a company that provides worldwide and quality services for their customers.

Oh so random...

Having fibromyalgia really sucks... sometimes some days are worse than others.
If I have to tell my children "no," "stop" or "be quiet" one more time I'm sure the men in white suits will come pick me up after my neighbors hear the screams.
Is there a minimum number of toys children can have? If I throw all of them away except one do you think that's considered neglect? LOL.
The knot on the head of a child does not ensure they "won't do it again."
All of my teenager's chores are miraculously complete when she wants to go out.
I wish bedtime was 6 o'clock instead of 8... Would it be wrong to cover all of my windows with blackout curtains and tell them it's bedtime right after school?
Am I the only mom who hates bedtime routines?
I guess a cup of coffee is not a meal.
I actually saw a help wanted ad for escorts, but unfortunately they only wanted women up to the age of 34. ROF!

Yes, my brain is normally all over the place like this.


Wordless Wednesday: Beauty in the sun

I hope you like my Wordless Wednesday and will check out more of them. For other WW participants go on over to 5 Minutes for Mom.

Enjoy the breeze

You can ask anyone who knows me where I like to vacation and they will tell you the Caribbean. It's not a secret.

It is also not a secret that I prefer an all inclusive vacation package because if you are going to be on vacation then you should not have to think about anything. And that includes what and where you are going to eat and what amenities are included in your stay.

Vacationing at caribbean resorts is something I definitely would not mind doing at least a few times a year especially at one of the Breezes resorts. Breezes have several properties and have recently launched a new site to let you know about their destinations, resorts, spa, wedding packages and much more.

I know many people are thinking they may not be able to take a vacation this year, but I wouldn't shelve the idea until you check out the all inclusive caribbean vacations. In the past, I've had the pleasure of staying at all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica and Turks & Caicos, and I admit that it is a lifestyle and experience I truly miss.

Now is the time to make your travel plans. Come on, don't you want to enjoy the breeze?

First time for everything

My health and weight loss journal

The last time I wrote My health and weight loss journal was on March 3 when I told you about how my fibro pain management was going. Only three of you commented so I guess everyone has been as busy as I have. I have to admit that I have been so far behind on so many things that I haven't had a chance to visit some of you who are my favorites. When that happens you know I'm backed up.

Don't be too mad at me, okay?

There is one thing that I have kept a secret for the past two weeks or so. I developed a cold sore on my lip. Now, for some of you, it may not be a big deal. For me, it was like the end of the world. (Yes, I know I can be dramatic.) You see: I've never in my entire life had a cold sore.

It looked like I had some type of contagious cootie or a flesh-eating... okay, okay - no more drama. Because I felt so strongly about getting rid of the sore as soon as possible I bought three lip treatments. Herpecin L, Neosporin LT and Carmex. Luckily, two of them were on sale.

Here is a brief breakdown of what I think of each of them:

Herpecin L: I like this one because it has SPF 30 in it so it's great protection for when I'm out and about. The medicine in the "Lip Protectant & Sunscreen/Cold Sore Lip Balm Stick" was not overpowering and could be applied smoothly. Score: Overall an 8 on a scale of 10.

Neosporin LT: This was the strongest "Lip Protectant/Cold Sure Treatment" ever. The first time I put it on I applied it to both lips and it felt like it seeped into my mouth. And the taste was horrible. Anything I drank or ate had that taste, and I immediately rubbed it off. From then on I only applied it directly to the cold sore and was careful not to get it on the inside of my lips. This one was great at relieving the pain in my lip. Score: 6.8.

Original Carmex: I've heard about this product for years, but had never tried it. I am so glad that I finally did. This "Moisturizing Lip Balm" has a tingly (from the Menthol) feel that immediately soothed my lips, and most importantly, the cold sore. I keep this one in my purse because I like it so much. Score: 10.

Have you ever had a cold sore and, if so, what's your favorite product to treat it?

Rare coins

The first person I've ever known that collected coins is my daughter's godfather (who happens to be one of my "bestest" friends). As I learned more about him, almost 20 years ago, I discovered that he's the type of person to wisely invest in avenues he believes will eventually make a profit.

Of course he's who I thought of when I learned of Monex where you can go to buy and sell specific rare coins with ease. The experts at Monaco Rare Coin company offer have the expertise, experience and resources that are necessary in this market. When you're dealing with these types of assets then those are the qualities needed.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nip it in the bra

Because I dislike the cold weather, I don't put too much attention into my wardrobe; however, with the increasingly warm weather comes a certain consciousness about what I'm wearing. I like to keep my toenails painted because I prefer open-toed, high-heeled sandals or flip flops. I make sure my legs are shaved because I'd rather wear a skirt or shorts than jeans and pants. And, I make sure I have the right bras so they aren't visible through the sheeriest of summer shirts.

That last point is about the extent of my thoughts regarding wearing brassieres during the summer. At least until recently. Imagine my surprise when over the past several months I've noticed a condition that I haven't previously had.

Now is the time I caution you if you're easily disturbed by TMI (You know: Too Much Information) then you should probably stop reading.

My condition... Remember this is a woman's world... okay, okay, I'll get on with it... My condition is protruding (<--insert "e" word there) thingys that are attached to the areola.

You should see me cracking up at the look of confusion on some of your faces as well as the look of "I can't believe she said that" on others. Hey, I have to make sure Google Adsense doesn't start turning up interesting ads so I'm being a little evasive.

All caught up now, right?

Every time I take off my shirt or my bra I notice the problem. I look down and think, 'When did they become so prominent?' Instead of the supportive, cute, unpadded, sometimes sexy bras that I love, I'm going to have to stick to the cute, padded, often push-up and all-the-time sexy bras that I love a little less.

I know you're thinking that it doesn't sound like that big of a problem, but since I've lost weight the eight bras I had have dwindled to two bras that fit with a couple I just hold onto just in case. Of those only one is padded. SIGH... hence my dilemma.

So it's obvious I'm going to have to catch a lingerie sale and quick, or I'll be walking around for much of the beginning of the season wearing extra clothes. Take it from me that this would not be a pretty picture since I often get "high flashes." Yup, it's true - I may be perimenopausal.

I am aware I could hop by Wal-Mart to pick up something inexpensive to tide me over or even another store that offers great deals. But, if you're like me, you've figured out that well-constructed undergarments, which are normally a little more costly, are worth the price.

In the meantime, I hope I don't get any weird looks 'cause I'm always going to think folks are looking at my boobage ... if ya know what I mean.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Consolidate your debt

Do the words "debt consolidation" confuse or scare you? You can get over those concerns and learn what you need to by checking out a free debt consolidation resource. Stop procrastinating and take care of you debt today.

Monday's Muse: Strengths & weaknesses

Interestingly enough, I am inspired by my strengths and weaknesses this week. Okay, I'll tell the truth: I'm really just inspired by a weakness, but it seems so odd to say that I added strengths to sound a little - uh - normal.

Let me explain. Just about every time I read a magazine I peruse the masthead and the contributors' pages to see what the writers have that I don't... as far as experience goes. This is especially important if I see an article that personally affects me. For instance, in the February issue of More magazine there are two highlighted articles that caught my attention: "Reinvent Yourself After 40" and "Health Rules You Can Bend." In the body + soul's March issue it was the content pages blurbs of "The best natural beauty products don't have to cost more..." and "There's no need to travel far and wide when a great vacation can be had right at home."

I should have thought of those articles because all are something I do and/or know something about. And what I didn't know, I could have found out. Let me be clear. It isn't that I think I can do a better job than the person who wrote the article or the editor who came up with the idea, but the fact is I didn't come up with the idea. No matter how many cheap effective beauty products I've bought, I never once thought to query a magazine with the idea. And, I bend some of the health rules that were printed, but once again I missed out because I didn't take something from my real life and come up with an article idea.

This isn't a new weakness. This particular weakness has showed its ugly self at each of the publications where I worked as an editor. I'm superb at catching errors, suggesting artwork and managing a photo shoot. I can research my butt off and write the hell out of a story. (Excuse me, I had to toot my own horn for a minute.) But I am lacking in the original idea area when it comes to magazine articles.

So that got me to thinking. If I can identify all of my weaknesses in my field/career then I can maximize on my strengths. Good idea, huh? I thought so too. Now, if I could only focus long enough to get pass the fact that I'm not good at coming up with ideas that interest magazine editors then I can move on to my next weakness.

I think the next one is procrastination, but I'm hesitant to think about that. LOL... Get it? Hesitant? Oh well, moving on.

Maybe you can participate with me this week and tell me a strength and/or weakness that you have. For that matter stop by Maternal Spark and tell it there too. Enjoy your week.
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