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Saturday, January 24, 2009

So sweet to be recognized

Jo at Life's Perfect Pictures thought to pass this award to me after she received it. She's such a sweetie and even though she has a lot going on she is always so thoughtful.

Thanks Jo!
I am passing this on to my top commenters. Check them out:
I know Jo is on my list, but just goes to show you how wonderful of a blogging friend she is.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Frantic Friday

Remember what I told you yesterday about the toddler being home sick and my plans being a little thrown off? Well, today was the same thing, which is why you haven't seen me around.

It's almost five o'clock and I am exhausted from entertaining and taking care of my youngest daughter. I took her to the pediatrician this morning because she woke up with a low-grade fever and besides the same symptoms she exhibited yesterday she was tugging on one of her ears.

I knew what that probably meant and since the weekend is coming I wanted to make sure. Not only does she have an ear infection, but she has one in both ears. Poor little thing. That on top of her cold.

She was a bit out of sorts this morning and she didn't want to eat anything I gave her so she fussed at me quite a bit like she's doing here. However that didn't stop her from "forcing" me to color, play toss, play babies and all kinds of other games she came up with. This included a game of "backpack," which involves her putting on her siblings' backpacks and walking around like she's about to go somewhere.
I tried to pretend I didn't know what she was saying here, but it was pretty clear: "Batpat. Batpat." Since I didn't want her to get upset I obliged and helped her into the backpack, but not before she inspected it to make sure she had everything:

Since her siblings are a bit bigger than her, she enjoyed letting the backpack slide off of her arms and pulling it back up.

She walked across the living room with her brother's backpack on (the one shown in the above pictures is her sister's) and promptly let it fall to the floor along with his vest she was wearing.

When I finally put her down for a nap I fell to the couch trying to remember what I was actually supposed to do. The only thing that dawned on me was that the younger kids are supposed to go with their father this weekend, and I wasn't finished packing. That made me remember that I didn't finish doing laundry so you can imagine what I'm doing right now. Uh, besides writing this post.

What I'm also doing is typing with one hand because Anna insists that I color with her, which is why I brought my laptop into the living room. I guess what we're doing is coloring because she doesn't want to use crayons - we have to use pens and pencils. Well, at least she's creative.

As soon as Amber's Calculus tutor leaves I will get Amber to take care of the kids (get their dinner and keep Anna from around my leg for a minute) so I can get their things ready for the weekend. I hate their things going back and forth, but they don't have enough stuff to leave in one place or the other so this is the way it is for now.

It's now almost eight o'clock and I'm just getting a chance to finish this post so that will give you an idea of what my day has been like. The house is empty and I have my feet propped up (on a rocking horse!) as I watch television, IM my BFF and enjoy a little surfing.

Although I have a lot to do this weekend, I am looking forward to sleeping late tomorrow and getting some things accomplished. What are your plans for the weekend?

Mom guilt

I recently wrote a post about the guilt parents of multigenerational children have, and I know every parent can relate to it so I want you to check it out. Please. Then let me know what you think. 'kay?

Click here: Stop the mind chatter.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Plans blowing in the wind

Yesterday started off pretty much as everyday has this week. I woke up (late), I had my breakfast (lazily), I took the kids to school (late), dropped the baby at daycare (she cried) and I came home to get some work done. After my second cup of coffee and my mid-morning snack, when I sat at my desk I realized there was a task that I'd been avoiding: organizing bills and debt paperwork and opening mail.

It wasn't a terrible task because at the end of the summer my best friend and I had sat down and put a basic organizational plan in order. But, as you know, one must keep on top of the financial stuff. During opening the mail, annotating when bills are due, writing a letter to a creditor (gasp!) and getting creditor information together I started breathing a little heavy, my head and chest started to hurt and the beginnings of a panic attack tried to overcome me.

I started taking deep breathes as I lost my focus... I knew I had to get through the task so I could move on, but that mere event changed the course of the rest of the day. Sad to say I didn't get much accomplished and made the decision to begin anew today.

(I'll skip the part about how I was grumpy in the afternoon and I'll tell you later about my 4-year-old daughter's trip to purchase her birthday cake.)

When I arose today I thought about all I needed to get accomplished and proceeded with the day, but before I could get going good I discover the baby coughing, sneezing and stuffy with "snot" running out of her nose. And there went my plans -- poof!

Not only am I exhausted, but I've been caring for little Miss Anna today. She finally went down for a nap at about noon and, thankfully, her dad will pick up the middle children from school so I can let her take a nice long nap. Although I need a nap I am going to try to get as much finished as possible because once the children arrive home at around 2:45 and she gets up for her nap, I'll be back on full-time mommy duty.

For now, and for once, I am not going to fret about my to-do list. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up this weekend and get everything finished that's important. This will be one of those times I realize that being a parent can be an unpredictable life.

Despite Anna's cold she was in good spirits today!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Historic day

Today, like a good portion of the world, I watched the 2009 Inauguration. Unless you've been secluded on your own personal island without any access to what's going on in the world, then you know the 44th president, our first black (say African America here, if you prefer) president was sworn in.

President Barack Obama.

It was an amazing moment to witness. I was awe struck, proud, thrilled and encouraged, and I have renewed hope for my children's future.

Besides the actual ceremony and accompanying activities, one of my favorite parts of the day was sharing it with my children. Particularly my 3-year-old daughter Amareah. I already knew the two middle children's school was going to be watching the inauguration during the day so I was prepared to hear about it when I picked them up this afternoon.

I asked my son, Andre who's 5, if he watched the inauguration. He said yes and was none too enthused. When I walked into Amareah's room she rushed toward me and said, "Mommy come look!" She pointed to the television where they were still watching the coverage and I asked her if she enjoyed watching it. She said yes.

I've been waiting for this day. Not just for a black president, but to be able to share something like this with my children. She began talking about "Present Obama," which is how she normally says his name, since she found out he was running for president.

She recognizes his voice on the radio, knows his face on television and magazines and shows true interest in this man who most of us are all looking to to change our country. She's excited by what's happening in the world around us, and I can't help but pick up on her excitement.

She's learning about First Lady Michelle Obama too. Today, when I asked her if she knew who that was - pointing to the lovely lady clad in gold on the television - she said that's "the Present Obama's girl."

"His wife?"
"She's the first lady," I explain.
"First Lady?"

And she smiled.

She has so much awareness for a child her age (she'll be 4 years old tomorrow!) and I hope she rubs off on her older brother and her younger sister. For now, her older sister and myself smile proudly as Amareah watches what's happening and we talk about the more specific details over her head.

I look at two of my daughters - at all of my children - and try to remember that this is not a dream. That we finally see a person who looks like us in the Oval Office. That we've reached a time of true change. I can look at my children and realistically say, "Amber, Andre, Amareah, Anna: You can be whatever you want - even President of the United States."
*AP Photo/Rob Carr

Monday, January 19, 2009

Searching for photos

Blog Pictures | acobox.comThere is one thing that I really dislike doing and that's searching for blog photos. It's especially frustrating when I write an impromptu post and I find the perfect image, but it's copyrighted so I don't have time (or want to take the time) to wait to get permission.

I wish I were a better photographer so I could have a library of my own shots to add to each blog. I think I am doing pretty well with shots of my children, but you wouldn't believe how many times I've tried to get the ideal landscape or a creature in nature.

It makes me tired just looking at my keyboard every time I search for photos.

Monday's Muse: crazy thoughts = masterpiece

Are you one of those creative people who can take a scenario that's irritating you, making you mad or even one that's enjoyable and come up with an entirely different "story?" For instance, I was telling a friend about someone I wanted to have a little talk with. I don't really like that person too much so I was "joking around" about how I could administer a noxious substance and in essence... well, you know.

Then I got to thinking about the mind of Dean Koontz (I'm reading Brother Odd right now) and how he has one out-of-this-world imagination. And as a writer I am amazed and impressed. As a reader I am a little freaked out. LOL. My imagination is pretty wacky, but I normally take real-world stuff and turn it into something amazingly crazy. Koontz makes up the crazy!

He writes about things that I've never heard of and I wonder how he does it. Do the thoughts just pop into this head? Does he take a random thought and do the thought bubble exercise thingy to develop it? Or is he tapped into the outer galaxies digital television and writes about what is broadcast?

I don't know, but I am having fun thinking about it.

Regardless of how thoughts and ideas are developed, I realize that a creative mind - especially that of a writer - is always working. I sat down to write this Monday's Muse with nothing to say. I stared out the window (I put the laptop in my kitchen for the weekend), I sent a couple of IMs, did a little blog hopping and then came back to stare at the blank compose page.

Although I don't think this is my muse for the week, this did remind me that my creative mind is busy. If I just take a moment to sit back and think for a moment I most likely will come up with something. It may be a little kooky, humorous or hard to understand, but it's a creative thought nonetheless.

I think I'm going to go write down some of my creative thoughts because I am sure there's a novel brewing inside of my head somewhere. Let me know if you decide to take some thought that you think is "crazy" and turn it into a masterpiece.

For more Monday's Muse, please click the link.
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