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Monday, December 7, 2009

Within me…

One of my favorite blogs is Minus the Bars, which is written by Don. He’s a creative, inspiring, deep, humorous, tell-it-like-it-is kinda brotha. If you’re not ready to have your thoughts challenged and hear the inside track of what’s going on “between the ears” then you best stay away. Otherwise pop on over for a good read.

I couldn’t resist stealing borrowing a post from Don that he stole (HA!) from blogger adrienne. I just had to do my own because I realized that my answers to this weren’t readily available in my mind. This, for me, is another way to learn more about myself.

saying no to:
doing for the sake of… .

saying yes to:
being myself.
honoring myself.
having fun.
taking chances.


giddy about:
helping others.

deeply inspired by:
the written word.
mom inventors/biz owners/artists.

obsessed with:
eating low fat/low calorie.
dark chocolate (skin & candy).

in love with:
my children.

scared of:
where my illnesses are going.

haunted by:
bad decisions.

saved by:

...and you?

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