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Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekly Inspiration: Time

Ever so often I begin a post with the specific goal of not being long winded and just as often the post turns into a long (and hopefully interesting) account, vent, review or whatever. This time, my friends, is when I’m going to keep it short. Let’s see how I do.

If you visit me regularly then you know that I really like participating in Maternal Spark’s Weekly Inspiration, but I don’t think I’ve ever specifically told you why. I alluded to it in my Within Me post: To get to know myself better, think about what’s going on inside my head and focus on being present. I hope that doesn’t seem too new age or whatever for you, but it’s probably the best way I can explain.

That said, I sometimes get a little stumped about what’s inspiring me and spend a lot of time thinking and evaluating what’s going on with me as well as trying to find some inspiration. This time, today, it came to me rather quickly.

My inspiration is maximizing my time. I am particularly pleased that my youngest will be returning to Little Feet Daycare tomorrow. I’m concentrating on no longer complaining that the time between when I drop her off and when the first child gets home from school isn’t enough. Why? Because having her at home was the ultimate in “not enough time.”

Here’s to hoping I maximize my time, increase my income, stay inspired and get a lot accomplished.

Now… that didn’t take too long, did it?

weekly inspiration badge Head on over to Maternal Spark to see what’s inspiring others, but before you go please leave a comment and share it with us here as well. Have a great week.



  1. There is never enough time. It's good to here your youngest is starting daycare again. I'm sure you'll miss her but you will have more time to do what you need to do. All sounds positive! If you find out how to have enough time please let all of us know!

  2. Times is all we have and some day we may find that we have less time than we think. It is important that we make good use of it.

  3. Seeing you write about an inspiring moment followed by the pic of you smiling on the sidebar just makes sense. Very inspiring.

    Oh, so you decided to stop complaining about it now. LOL. I feel you.

    Little Feet must be a very good daycare. Have a good day. And I am STILL laughing @ this: & low on the 1, but every once in awhile... well, a sista just can't help herself.

  4. Yay for more time! I'm so excited to hear how it works out for you. And jealous. Totally jealous!!


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