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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weekend whatchamacallits...

This has been one of those random weekends where a lot was done - not by me - and a lot wasn't done - by me. But the good part (and you'll be happy to hear this) is that I took a lot of naps. I'm hoping it's just one of the meds that I'm taking that's wiping me out, stealing my energy and strength. I think I have about three more days of taking it then I will know for sure.

My daughter, Amber, her boyfriend and the younger children have been in and out, 'round about while I fall asleep in my bed, on the couch, eat, stumble around, get on the computer and do some work or just click randomly around... Another thing (which should also make you happy) is that I got out of the house for about an hour or two yesterday. It was a chore showering and dressing, but I briefly enjoyed some good conversation and salad. So, see, I do relax. Ahem.

Oh, the real reason for this post was to tell you about forgetting to give my children dinner tonight. It's almost 8 p.m. and their big sister is giving them a bath. I am trying to finish up some work and be finished with my daugher's laptop by the time she's ready to use it. I went to the bathroom and was thinking, "Why am I so hungry?" Then it dawned on me that we had eaten a late lunch. I fed the children at about 4 p.m. Well, the two middle children ate around 2 originally then they came in from outside and ate again with Anna would had been taking a nap. That was at 4.

So I'm wracking my brain to some up with something for them to eat. You should see the look my oldest daughter gave me when she realized we didn't eat dinner. She, of course, was out. I, of course, was in the bed.

Hmmm?? Maybe I should nap some more. Think that'll work?

How's your weekend going? Did you get any rest? Are you getting busier as the holiday gets closer or not?

DISCLAIMER: Yes, I know this post is random and I also realize there may be misspellings or inaccurate word usage. I hope this isn't the moment someone considering me for an assignment is reading and decides against hiring me 'cause I sound like a lazy, clueless, neglectful nut. I assure you (I'm saying in my best, most professional voice), I am only like that off duty. LOL... Okay, that didn't help my case any. An-t-ways, have a good night.


  1. yea! i am very happy to hear that you have had some relaxation time. amber is a wonderful big sister to help you take care of the little ones. have a wonderful day my friend...hugz!

  2. Minus the feeling so sick, I could have written this post. I have been so stinking busy cleaning and cooking for the holidays that I loose track of time and then opps! Kids need a nap or opps! Um, what is for dinner?

    It is such an un fun feeling to think that i don't have dinner ready and it is already 7pm.....Luckily this does not happen often :)

    I hope you enjoy your Christmas!

  3. Too funny @ So, see, I do relax. Ahem. that is very refreshing to hear.

    i am not sure what to say about your completely forgetting about dinner. expect that i couldn't help but laugh.

  4. I've done that too so don't feel Thank goodness for fast food.


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