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Monday, December 7, 2009

Tranquil Desires, supporting bloggers

One of the things I like the most about the blogosphere is the community and camaraderie among all of the bloggers. I have met some fabulous people who have become dear friends to me. They are encouraging, loving, supportive and caring. If you’re a blogger, I know you are aware of what I mean. You also know that when they need something or are feeling pain you want to do something to help.

The person I’d like to help today is PJ of PJ’s Prose. She recently moved back home and is near her family again, she’s a new grandma and – like many of us – she’s working hard to bring in much-needed money/income. She is a very sweet and talented lady.

PJ recently introduced us to her line of natural body products, Tranquil Desires, which she makes herself. She was nice enough to send samples to those who requested them and I, of course, made a request (can’t help my addiction to all things bath and body). I was extremely pleased with the samples I received. The body lotion was smooth, luxurious and moisturizing. It was unscented because each customer is able to request the scent that they like or choose unscented. She also sent an oatmeal facial scrub that is absolutely fabulous. Not only did is cleanse my skin, but my skin felt extremely smooth afterward.

Because I believe in her products, I am introducing you to them in the hopes you’ll order something for yourself or as a gift for someone on your Christmas list. PJ is working on developing a site solely for Tranquil Desires, but for the time being you can find information about her products on her blog here. Also, when you visit her blog there is a little background of how she got started on the upper right-hand side of the page.

I want to share with you what one of my favorite bloggers, Revel of Velveteen Mind, said:

Blogs are, for the most part, free.  Bloggers occasionally scrounge together enough income to pay for hosting, graphic design help, and various applications and tools, but it is rarely more than enough to just break even.  Which is fine.  We do it for the joy it brings, right?

But, man.  It would be sweet to be able to buy a cup of coffee and a muffin, if you know what I’m getting at:

It’s that time of the year again! 

Online holiday shopping season!

For bloggers, that means Affiliate Link Season, the online equivalent of the public radio and television station Pledge Drive.  Your big chance to support your favorite sites, complete with gifts and yet without spending a penny more than you were already planning to spend for the holidays anyway. 

Ah yes, the lazy man’s pledge drive.  Here is how it works:

When you sit down at your computer to do a little online gift shopping at this year, take a moment to notice if your favorite blog has a banner ad for Amazon.  Banner ads are those square or vertical ads in a blog’s sidebar or horizontal ad in their post footers.

She goes on to talk more about the affiliate ads. I, however, am using what she said to encourage you to order from PJ and click on some of my ads when you’re doing your shopping. Although I super duper love what I do, I actually pay some bills (on and off… LOL) with what I do here and a little click (combined with other clicks and a few purchases) helps out a great deal.

Click on over to PJ’s place and join the blogger-hood by helping each other. It’s a we’re-not-in-this-alone mentally.

Although I did receive some samples of Tranquil Desires products to try it was not for the purpose of a review, but for my own ordering consideration. No compensation was received. The opinions expressed here are completely, honestly and originally mine. Got it?

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