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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

To Do Tuesday, catching up on Wednesday

Lisa, one very hilarious blogger at Crazy Adventures in Parenting, hosts a weekly thing a ma jingy (meme?) and I have been enjoying participating. Yesterday I didn’t really get around to it (although I’m staying on top), but today I had an impromptu project and realized I accomplished one part of one thing on my to do list. Cool, huh?

You have no idea what I’m talking about, do you? Okay, click Lisa’s link above. Then click on my “staying on top” phrase in parenthesis and you’ll be all caught up.

So, what did I do today that’s on my to-do list? Before I tell you, I must say that it wasn’t necessarily on this week’s to do list just on the overall household, gotta do it one day list.

I cleaned out and straightened one of the cabinets in my laundry room. This particular cabinet has turned into a plethora of stuff. It’s the overflow of my mini pantry, it’s where I hide treats, toys and other stuff from the kids, you’ll find extra pitchers there, gadgets that haven’t been used and random bowls, jars and plates.

Since I didn’t realize I was going to do it and have no idea what sparked me starting on it (who am I kidding, it was probably an irritation fueled frenzy) I don’t have a picture to share of what it looked like before. Here is what it looks like now:


Now let’s see what came out of the cabinet:

DSCF4085 I can not even remember what the gadget is called. I know there was a guy who came by and made a free meal, which was delicious, and he demonstrated it then gave us this for free when we recommended some folks who then opened their homes up for a demonstration. I think that’ll be going to Goodwill. I’m sure someone will recall what it’s called and how to use it. I’m not even going to mention the person who was supposed to sign us up for free classes so we could learn how to use it. The first time I tried to use it, it worked nothing like it did for the demonstration guy. One other try and it went to the top of the cabinet out of sight, out of mind.

DSCF4086I am just about positive this is a baby food processor. Although I thought I gave my mine away. Hmmm?? Maybe this is the chopper thingy. I thought the chopper thingy I had came with more than one blade. Ut oh, maybe I gave my girlfriend the chopper thing by mistake (that was years ago!) and this is the baby food processor. I looked in my file for the instructions and they weren’t there. I probably threw them away ‘cause I thought I got rid of this. It, like the food thingy, was on the top shelf of the cabinet. By the way, if you know what it is and you want it (or if you just want it), just email me your mailing address and I’ll send it to you. I’ll make sure it’s clean and I already checked to make sure it worked. Otherwise, I’ll probably give it to Goodwill. I was gonna see if it chopped onions or something, but it’s been in the cabinet so long and I haven’t used it so someone else should take it if they need it.DSCF4087I’ve always liked this little basket tray (above) and I’m going to find somewhere to use this around the house. Repurposing is cool, right? Have you found anything in your home lately that you’ve decided to reuse?DSCF4088Those are some plastic plates we used to use when we went on picnics. I think they’re perfect for the kids to use now; they just need to be washed. Their other themed plates are a little small and are best for snacks. I’m sure these will work well especially when there’s something with sauce or juice that they prefer not to touch their other foods. Then I won’t have to use a plate (normally paper. I know so un-green) and a bowl.

This is some of what went into the garbage:

DSCF4089I wonder how long that giant bag of instant potatoes had been up there? Don’t get grossed out, but I’ve been separated (divorce will be final by the end of the year!) from my husband for two and a half years, and I haven’t used them in that time. I can’t even remember the last time they were used. And those plastic plates behind the potatoes haven’t been used in eons either. I looked at them and was grossly surprised to see cracks in the plates with nice yellow discoloration between the cracks. Dried food? Bacteria? Eeewww… gross…. yuck!

Really, I’m a good housekeeper!

to do tuesday post it Have you gotten something accomplished from your to-do list? Click the Post-it note and head over to Crazy Adventures in Parenting to see what Lisa and others are up to this week.



  1. omg.. tooo funny!! i love when i clean out a cabinet...even though it is closed and you can't see it, it just nags at you knowing it is a horrid mess behind that door.

    see ya next week...

  2. Don't you love that feeling of accomplishment! It's like... when you're stuffed up and your sinuses clear and you can think straight again.

    Ya know?

    Keep it up, babe.

  3. You freakin' rocked that cabinet, yo! That's awesome, way to go! (Now, can you kindly pass along somma that mojo, cuz I left it in Orlando, dangit)


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