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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pretty steady, baby

On the good side of things there isn’t too much to report regarding my health. In my last health and weight loss journal I told you about being electrocuted and stabbed in my ankle with a needle. Yes, I intended to be that dramatic, but it isn’t far from the truth. If you missed that post then click the above link... Here’s a little excerpt from it:

My appointment yesterday was with the nerve center at the VA hospital. It’s the pain management clinic. The last time I went there they electrocuted my wrists/arms and yesterday they were nice enough to do it to my lower legs, ankles and feet. I even had the pleasure of getting a needle stuck into my ankle so they could test a muscle. Oh the joys of modern medicine!

It seems as if my nerves are responding a little slowly for my age and so was my muscle. It’s possible that one of the meds I am on is causing that (oh, the problem is the numbness, tingling and coldness that I feel. It doesn’t seem to be apart of the lupus stuff), but I won’t be able to find out if I can go off of it for awhile and if that’s conclusively the problem until I see the rheumatologist, which doesn’t happen until the end of January.

I have a couple/few appointments over the next two months so hopefully I will have some conclusive results by the end of February. This is such a long process that can be filled with so much uncertainty and worry. I’m not really worried right now, but every once in awhile I think about the mystery going on with my liver (don’t think I’ve mentioned that to you before) and it causes a little anxiety. I mean, I only have one, ya know?

On the weight side of things, I still pretty much fluctuate up and down those five pounds. I need to get my lazy butt to exercising so I can lose about five to 10 then I think (hope) that I won’t bellyache about those five pounds any longer. What was that face? You act like you don’t believe me.

The only problem with the weight issue right now is the fact that I think it is meshing in with the health issue. There is some stomach stuff going on – swelling, irritability and very unladylike happenings. I’m hoping that my meds, which they think one may be affecting my legs, aren’t messing with my stomach.

I won’t even mention the lady issues I need to deal with. The guys may be looking scared right now ‘cause they aren’t sure if they want to keep reading. They probably think I’m going to start talking about smells like I did one other time. No, don’t worry, this time I’ll just say this to the ladies who I know will understand. I can’t wait to get to my GYN. Now, women know when another woman says she can’t wait to get there then she ain’t playing. I’m making light of this because it’s probably nothing, but when you’re someone like me who has to pop a lot of pills without knowing everything that’s going on inside of your body there are times when the little things seem like the ticking time bomb you’ve been thinking will blow at any moment.

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