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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve... a random review of the day

My children and I began our Christmas celebration today. I keep getting a little confused thinking it's Christmas Day, but it's my Christmas Day with the smaller children who will be spending this Christmas Day (and the next week or so) with their dad. I think it's wonderful that they have two Christmases and I don't see it as an inconvenience or anything. The children are blessed and I hope they realize it. They happily thanked their big sister and I, and each other, for the gifts they received.

Andre and Anna had a couple (well, quite a few fits), but besides that it's been enjoyable. I'm really tired because I didn't sleep well, I'm on my second cup of coffee and I've snuck some sugar cookies the kids made with their big sister, her boyfriend and his twin sisters last night.

Sometime over the weekend I'll share pictures of everything with you. Tomorrow Amber and I will celebrate Christmas Day together by opening the gifts from each other, spending time together and just enjoying the day. Well, it looks like we all are having to Christmases, huh? How cool is that!?

Before I conclude, let me express something to you - my wonderful friends: My intention was to send those whose addresses I have thoughtful cards and expressions of my love, it was to mail closer friends their gifts, write letters and mail everything in a timely manner. That SO didn't happen. Please know that it wasn't intentional. I didn't forget; I just didn't plan well. If you get a gift, card or letter late - or not at all - I still thought of you, I still love you and I still wish you the happiest of Christmas and an extremely joyous New Year.

Take care, my friends, and have a Merry Christmas Eve.
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