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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just a little behind, a little random

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Besides the rain and cold, along with the lack of heat in my van, the weekend has been fine. Went to pickup the teenager from school yesterday and we went to a ballet, The Nutcracker, on her campus that one of her roommates was in. It was very good.

Now I'm trying to finish up some work (deadline today) while I eat (egg boiling) before I go shopping (in the freaking rain!) with the teenager. Hmmmm? Maybe I should start calling her "the young adult."

An-t-way, please forgive my temporary disappearance here and at your place (you know, my favorite bloggers) after I meet my deadline today/night I'm hoping things will get somewhat back to normal. LOL: My normal is just as crazy as my being behind.

Oh, but I do hope to have a little fun today, which I've tried to incorporate into each day. Maybe a friend will call and take me to dinner (Hint! Hope you're reading today!) or maybe the young adult will clean the house (Double HINT! You reading today?)... if all else fails I guess I'll try to finish my work so I can veg in front of the television. Anything's better than being out in the rain.

Take care... and let me know how your weekend is going, k?
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