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Thursday, December 31, 2009


I've been thinking a lot about what I want to tell friends and family as the old year leaves and the new year arrives, but I can't seem to get it articulated. What? You think, a writer can't think of something to say? It's not the something; it's the feelings. I often have a difficult time expressing - or putting into words - my feelings. That seems to be a deeper part of me that I'm not always willing to tap into. The good thing is that as the year ends I have at least been touching those feelings within myself even though I may not express them.

This post is one of the ways I hope to express how much you all mean to me. It'll be specific and vague, it may be funny and corny, and it even may be sentimental. The most important thing to remember is it's not all encompassing. I also hope to write some actual personal letters and email them or mail them. But given the significance of this day, as an ending and the beginning being only hours away, I wanted to get this accomplished.

Dear Munchkin,
Having you as a daughter has been amazing. You have made me so proud and I love you with the very essence of my heart. As you merge into your adult life, go out on your own and explore everything the world has to offer you, I hope you reach your goals, embrace love, find peace and comfort as well as relax and enjoy your life. You've become more than my daughter; you are a true friend. Always remember my "lectures" and learn from mistakes; respect yourself; do your best, but don't be too hard on yourself; say no when you need to without guilt and live your life to the fullest. Here's to a wonderful new year of growth, opportunity, happiness, joy and all the silliness we're able to conjure up together and apart. I'm always here. For you. Forever. More love than you can imagine, Mommy!

Well Franklin... JFG,
What is there to say? Actually what isn't there to say? Twenty-three years is a long time. That's more than half of our lives and I must say I am glad you "bugged" me in our English class when I kept falling asleep. Thank you for always being there. For flying in to save us from rats. For helping me to celebrate birthdays when no one else was there. For listening to me yell about him, me, them... just for listening. For the flowers no one ever sends; for reminding me not to give up and even for getting on my nerves. LOL... couldn't resist that one. Thank you for saving me from myself and for believing in me when even I have given up. You deserve more love, happiness, joy, peace, compassion, giving, living, fun and non-dairy ice cream than you can ever know. May the new year bring you that and so much  more. Believe. Signed: Dear. :)

To the Scarecrow:
Since you are the most non-mushy person that I know this will be short. It was 22 years ago that I walked into your room in the barracks just because I saw someone in there that I knew and I haven't stopped bugging you yet. Thanks for putting up with me. :) Thanks for being a great dad to Amber. You are lifeline that I never want to lose and that I can never replace. From Guam to Alaska, Rome to Georgia and all around the world through Arizona and Mississippi, you have never forgotten about us. My wish for you is that you'll get your island so people can really leave you alone. ROFL! Smooches, just Pet.

Kell Bell,
You're the sister I've always wanted. It's funny how we're so much alike and so different, and I totally believe it was karma, God, the universe, kismet... whatever you want to call it, that brought us together. You're the aunt my children have never had, the family I always wished was near, you're a shoulder and an ear. We may not always agree, but that does not a relationship make. My heart goes out to you every time you're hurt, scared, angry and miserable... I hope in the new year you'll find the path you're supposed to follow and embrace it with joy, peace and happiness. May prosperity and love overflow in your life. Love and smooches, your sister. 

Ahhh MAH!
I am hopeful about the new, about ready to let go of the old, respecting your thoughts and ready to take hold. One day at a time, is all I need; here's to a New Year and planting new seeds.

Lin, PJ, Stacey, Liss, Shaunalynn, Heather, Valerie, Tammy, Tina, Renee, Don ... and everyone who slips my mind:
I have no idea what life would be like without my blogging buddies. You guys have kicked me in the pants, loved me, encouraged me, checked on me and been there for me virtually and IRL. You've made me laugh and cry... Two years ago, honestly, I felt a little hopeless. Not only has this blog fulfilled something that I love doing, but it's been a gathering place, a community and a family I never thought I would have. No matter where I am or where I go, I know I can click around and find you guys here. I see you at different sites, commenting on different blogs and read what goes on in your world. I'm thankful and pleased to have known you all. You're an inspiration to me. Thank you for your time, words and love! ~Petula

Happy New Year to my friends & family. Let's bring in the year with hope, love, peace, joy and prosperity. Here's to beginning anew, letting go of the old and feeling good while doing it.
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