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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Car repairs

Not too long ago I gave up my Dodge Caravan because it wouldn’t pass the emissions test and I found out there was something wrong with the pistons. There was no way to tell how much the work would cost – best estimate was more than $2,000 – but no one would know for sure ‘til they got into the engine.

The van had only been bought for about $3,000, if I remember correctly, from an auction so I contacted the dealer who bought it for me and gave it to him to sell back at an auction. The money that came from the selling of that van went toward a “new” van along with the money my parents gave me. I now have a Chrysler Town & Country.

I knew from the beginning that there were some small things that needed to be done to the van and as the weeks pass the list has grown a little. The oil gasket has been replaced, I have two new tires and need to get two more, the radio works, but not the CD player so I want to get that replaced, the driver side sun visor needs to be bolted down and there are a few other minor things that I know of so far. But before any of the small things can be done I need to get the water pump replaced.

I’m not too happy about that because each time the water gets low the heat goes out. Monday it was about 38 degrees in the morning and it was not pleasant to drive around without heat. Luckily today it was 40 something, but still too cold to be without heat. It’s a good thing we aren’t somewhere like Chicago because I’d have to get a Chicago auto repair place right away to fix the van. That would be some type of torture to ride around without heat there.

Luckily, I have a good mobile mechanic who is going to give me a good deal, but car repairs can really be expensive. I wonder if it would be cheaper if I had a Toyota Corolla instead. The water pump in the van I have now is placed further in so it’s more difficult to get to.

Regardless of what needs to be done on a vehicle paying for it is never fun.


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