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Monday, December 28, 2009

Being good...

Did I ever mention to you that my three younger children went with their dad on Christmas Eve and won't return until this Thursday? Ahhh... well, let me tell you I have enjoyed the semi quiet. I say semi because I've parked my booty in the living room in front of the television for so many days. Now, I'm in the office, but I'm still managing to stay relaxed. No rushing before someone yells or wants something. No forgetting what I'm doing. Just a constant stream of activity (including my morning of watching a little boob tube) and getting the house in order for the New Year.

Today, I've stripped the linens in the children's room and threw them in the wash. I've begun getting all the boxes and things in order, and I am trying to regain control over my desk. I am organizing my errand to-do list and my oldest daughter and I will branch on into the cold, windy world before it gets too late. Off to the bank, searching for a laptop (still!), exchanging some jeans, stopping by a friend's then returning to continue the at-home work and freelance work.

Gotta keep the wheels turning, right?

See... I've been good.

I even did 30 minutes of yoga today. I know. I rock, right? LOL

Once I get a little more organized and get back in the swing of things I'll share some pictures of the holidays with you. We didn't take many, but I think what we did take are pretty cute.

For now, I'll let you enjoy the photographic skills of my 4-year-old daughter Amareah who received a VTech Kidizoom Camera for Christmas. Now I don't have to see her pouty face when I say she can't use mine.

She loves taking pictures and has quickly learned how to use a lot of the functions on the camera including adding design elements and playing the games. I've been talking to her about making sure it's clear and that she's not too close or if it doesn't look quite right then she can zoom in or zoom out. At one point she was trying to take a picture of me when I was sitting in front of a window. I said, "Can you see me?" At first she said yes then she said no. I told her, "Try standing over there. When you take a picture of someone in front of the window the light behind them shadows their face."

She took the picture from where I stated and smiled when she looked at the screen. "I did it."

A little while later I noticed her return to her original spot to take another picture of me. I think she snapped it then she says, "Oh, I have to stand over here." Off she went to find a spot where she could get a better shot. I've definitely got a budding artist on my hands. She also draws really well so I'm hoping that by encouraging her creativity... and not telling her to stop taking pictures of dolls (LOL)... that it's something she'll continue to enjoy. I think I may have to teach her a little "protocol;" I didn't realize the Barbie was half naked until I posted the picture and I also realize she needs some male dolls like Ken 'cause that picture looks weird to me. ROFL... When I said that my teenager just gave me a look -- to wish I still laughed.

Stay tuned for more stories and photos of the other children. Look out for Anna's photos 'cause she won't leave Amareah's camera alone and pictures of Andre transforming and fighting little good and bad guys.

Don't forget to leave a comment telling me about something fun or interesting that happened to you over the Christmas holiday. Have a great week.
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