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Friday, December 18, 2009

Are you ready?

What holiday do you celebrate? Are you ready for it?

I know those who celebrate Christmas are putting up decorations, purchasing gifts and planning holiday dinners. And I have an idea of what those who celebrate Kwanzaa are doing: they're decorating as well in preparation for lighting the candles and preparing their offerings for loved ones by finalizing handmade gifts or purchasing inexpensive educational ones.

Things are a little unorganized here, but we have erected and decorated our tree. There's a wreath on our door and a jingly doorknob decoration. That's about all I'm going to do. Well, I'm going to wrap presents for the children using whatever materials I have around the house in an effort not to be wasteful and contribute to our overflowing landfills. There are about three more things I have to get for each child including more stocking stuffers, a babydoll for the youngest and some Barbie clothes for Amareah. Hopefully I can do this and spend as little as possible.

I'm hoping to get a little energy* and a lot of rest so I won't be worn out on Wednesday (when my oldest daughter and I celebrate Christmas with the younger children who will be with their father this Christmas) or Thursday when my oldest and I will spend our Christmas together. We're looking forward to it because it's a reminder of the times we've spent together when it was just she and I. It's good to be able to spend individual time with each of my children.

Earlier this week I helped my son Andre wrap the gifts he purchased for everyone from the "store" they had at his school for the children to purchase items. Then yesterday I spent time with Amareah and took her shopping to buy some things for her siblings and her dad. Today it dawned on her that she didn't get anything for me, which I thought was so sweet, and she asked Amber to take her soon to get something. Isn't she sweet?

Although the children love the holiday season I will be glad when it'over... here's to 2010!

*As each day this week has passed I've become more and more exhausted. I even dozed off while standing up and ironing the children's clothes this morning. I slept another three hours (give or take) and I feel like crap. No flu or cold symptoms. I'm sure it's just a fibro, etc., attack. It's been awhile since that's happened so it's a little surprising and disappointing. However, I'm going to be sure to relax as much as I can. In fact I think I'm going to order pizza for the kids. I don't like to do that because I don't want to spend the money, but they love it. I don't need it 'cause I've gained a few pounds. However, it'll work out better since I have been feeling weak and exhausted.
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