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Monday, November 23, 2009

Who are you?

Today the three bambinos and I rode (well, I drove) two hours south to pick up their big sister from college. The plan was to get here in time to have lunch with her after her first class then she would go to class, and we'd all leave later this afternoon.

Of course while she's in class I decided to get some work done while the two younger girls bug one of Amber's roommates and the boy gets caught up in cartoons. As I'm opening up the various sites that I work on, read or just visit, I'm continually confronted with signing in. It's funny how using someone else's computer can alienate you from your regular virtual stomping grounds. I almost wanna go to every community and every site that I belong to just so when I visit someone's blog my picture will come up. LOL... Don't worry, I resisted and, yes, I realize it's not a big deal. But what blogger would let that pass by without mentioning it?

Speaking of people wondering who I am: Amber treated me and her siblings to lunch at the campus cafeteria. That place was packed. We had to walk around looking for somewhere to sit. My children were stunned at how many kids were there and stared in wide-eyed wonder. I, on the other hand, felt a little uncomfortable. Here I am a 40+ year old woman with four children and I felt like every eye in the place was on me. It made me think of my freshman year in college when I was just 17 years old - walking into the cafeteria then trying to find somewhere to sit is a form of torture.

It amazed me that Amber walked around so confidently - at least she appeared that way - with not a care in the world just searching for a place to sit. I kept pausing at different tables where just a few people were seated, but she urged me on. Didn't she know that everyone was looking at me?


I already know that people are surprised when they see us together. They often think we're sisters and then they glance at the younger children trying to figure it all out. One of the ladies who worked there said Amber and I look just like sisters. I bet I didn't have those college teenagers fooled despite my trendy jeans, layered t-shirt and jingly bangles. I wonder if they thought, "Look at that mom trying to fit in." However, I'd like to think they thought, "Is that that girl's mom? Wow, she's hot and she looks so young!" LOL

I guess I should take this opportunity to search for paid posts and finish a couple of other assignments while hoping I don't come across a site/account where I can't remember my user name and password (yea, they're normally the same all over, but there's always one...). Please, if you see an URL lurking about that you've never seen before, it's just me, you don't have to wonder: Who are you?
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