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Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekly Inspiration: Staying on top

I was going to call this week’s Weekly Inspiration “Catching Up” or something like that. I realize that I will probably never catch up: There will always be laundry to do, paperwork to fill out and file, blog posts to write, paid posts to compose, reviews to write (I am so freaking behind on those), a house to clean and on and on and on… So, staying on top of the week’s to-do list is what’s inspiring me.

weekly inspiration badge Although I realize I have a lot to do – and a lot that’s overdue – I am going to begin the week as if I am all caught up because if I don’t do what I need to do each day then I’ll be even further behind, right? Right. Just nod, okay?

So, with the extra time I have … wait, I have to think of another word besides “extra.” Let me take a different track. So, with everything coming together in a much organized and calm manner while I stay on top it’ll end with me catching up. Agreed? Just nod again, okay?

Let us all begin this week (well, Monday is almost over … hey, I didn’t say I would be on time, I said I would stay on top!) with a little calmness and organization. Not worrying about what I’m not getting finished, but concentrating on what needs to be accomplished.

This week when you get bogged down with all there is to do and all you have to do, just know that you have a partner in the fight to get everything done. I’m over here focusing, clicking and working just like you. Together, we can get it done, right? … You know what I’m going to say: Just nod.

Thanks to Maternal Spark for inspiring us each week. Check out how others are inspired at her place.

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