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Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekly Inspiration: Self-less love & Happy Blogsgiving

One of the things I like to do each week is participate in Weekly Inspiration that is hosted by Heidi (ROFL - inside joke) Heather at Maternal Spark. Sometimes I am not feeling inspired at all and a lot of times I "don't feel the love," but when I go to her place and read her current inspiration or any one of her other posts I am often inspired. Today, I click on by to see what's inspiring her and get a little inspiration of my own and the love is all over the place.

For me.


I was so surprised and pleased that I sat here with a silly grin on my face and tears popping up behind my eyes. I even felt chills. :D Yup, the big silly grin is still there.

Heather is Canadian and celebrated Thanksgiving in October (shame on me for not saying Happy Thanksgiving) and she's selflessly recognizing Blogsgiving today by putting up the Blogsgiving button. Her comments, her linky love and her undying support of me and my blog is what's inspiring me. I am always amazed at the love my blog friends display to me:

Lin at Duck and Wheel with String always has something funny and encouraging to say. If that doesn't work then she just kicks me in the butt!
Patricia at PJ's Prose offers the sweetest comments and always ends with a hug.
Valerie at Frugal Family Fun Blog even comments on my paid posts - now that's bloggy friend love!
Shaunalynn - the Mom behind The Art and Science of Parenting - has a no nonsense way of giving advice, offering tips and spreading love.

These bloggers, and many others (don't feel left out if I didn't include you), have embraced me and showed me what it's really like to show self-less love. I wish each of you a Happy Blogsgiving and pray that you enjoy your week, your family and your food... Happy Thanksgiving too!

I know I didn't quite follow the rules, but knowing me I will forget to do this another day and I want to acknowledge a few of my friends - even briefly. If I remember to do this again then I'll pass on some more bloggy and linky love. I'm currently in my daughter's dorm (where she's stalking me telling me they're ready to go) so I better get off of here before she comes back from putting her stuff in the van. :)
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