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Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekly Inspiration: Begin anew

When I sat down to write this post I couldn't think of one thing that's inspiring me then I looked at my desk. It's mess, but once again this week I will get it in order (or at least make an attempt to) and start anew.

That's what the beginning of each week is... the beginning of each day. It's an opportunity to start over. Although it's easier said than done, when the to-do list isn't completed one day there's always the next day to finish up. Unless you're on a deadline then you better pull an all-nighter. Otherwise, just begin again.

Women, and moms in particularly, have so many balls in the air that it's difficult to juggle them and maintain balance. If we can decide to say "There's always tomorrow" without guilt then maybe we can reduce some of our stress.

This week I'll try not to beat myself up for what I didn't get done last week and I'll start fresh with new goals and a somewhat organized to-do list. What this also means is that I can't feel guilty for not getting to that drawing and artwork I told you about before.

Let each day be a fresh start to achieve, create and succeed.

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