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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hello. My name is Petula and I am a bookaholic.

No matter how hard I try I can not resist a good book. If I walk into a store that sells books - even if it's just a grocery store - I gaze at the books, I may touch them or I'll flip through them. I feel the same way about sharing information I find out about books or something I read in a book. At least a few times a month, besides the book reviews I write, I tell someone about a good book I've read or heard about.

This is the most recent book information I've seen today: At the UK Borders online Book Shop, you can find deals on a large selection of books, CDs, DVDs, magazine subscriptions and much more with free delivery to stores. Book lovers can find fiction, nonfiction, children's and ebooks to choose from. Although I haven't really gotten into reading an eBook, it's a convenient and much-loved way that a lot of people enjoy their reading material.

eBooks can be enjoyed while traveling and are especially handy when you're reading something that's rather thick and heavy. How much more convenient would it be to drop a The Elonex ereader into your bag instead of worrying about how much space a 300-word hardcover novel is going to take up.

Don't waste anymore time, click on over to and get the next item on your to-be-read list.

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