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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Random & rambling thoughts, fighting procrastination

There’s nothing like a holiday filled with tasty food, free time and chilling with friends to get me behind on my work. I met one deadline yesterday and have one today. It’s nice outside – sunny and warm – so why am I still procrastinating? It’s Sunday, a day I like to goof off and get outside before the sun sets. I don’t think that’s going to happen today even if I make it out at all.

I’ve tweeted, commented, entered and announced contests (don’t miss the two that end today, okay? $25 gift card to Eden Fantasys and a copy of the children’s book The Zoopendous Surprise), checked and answered emails, read blog posts… so what’s left to do? GET. TO. WORK.

Okay, well, as I ignore the television in the background, I’m going to commit to at least an hour of straight work. Then I have to take a break and do a little housework. Then I’ll go back to working. So much work. So little desire to do it.

“A Joyful Noise” Original Art from Debra Flanagan

joyful-noise I’m not going to complain though. This holiday weekend has been very nice. Joyful even. Little drama. Majorly enjoying time with my teenager (I so don’t want her to go back to school today). A little relaxing. Spending time with someone I like. Chatting with friends. A bit of shopping. Lots of eating.

All in all a good time was had by all. Now if I can only get to work. :)

Please share: How was your holiday and weekend?

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