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Friday, November 27, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday & other observations

I wrote this post two weeks ago in Windows Live Writer and never got it to post.

Every reference is to two weeks ago. :)

This morning before the children were awake (at around 5:30 a.m.) I went outside to put the trashcan on the curb. Too many irritations and darkness prevented me from doing it last night. As I walked out into the cool morning air, with a sweater thrown over my pajamas, I paused to soak in the quiet moment.

I also paused to make sure there weren’t any scary night critters lurking nearby.

When I walked down (up?) my driveway, I looked to the sky… my normal response and action when I go outside… and the sky was AMAZING. I saw the big dipper and thousands of other stars. I can’t remember the last time I saw a sky full of stars like that. It’s such a magical thing – the sky – and I’ve always been in love with it. What a clear and beautiful morning.

On the way back into the house, my eyes searched for the moon. I found it by craning my neck and looking between a tree and my house. It was just a sliver with the shadow of the entire moon in view. Like the ghost of it hanging around. It was so bright in the sky that the entire moon could be seen even though it wasn’t a full moon. How cool is that? I thought.

What a wonderful moment?

I sighed because I had to go back inside to start the day and wake the noisy sleeping children. Oh well, maybe I’ll get a chance to see that type of sky again. I didn’t try to take a picture because my camera doesn’t do well with photos of a night sky.

This afternoon, before my son got off the bus, I noticed that I could see the sun in a spot that I normally can’t. Ahhh…. must be the missing leaves. This is what I saw:

DSCF4030 DSCF4031


Although I don’t get to do this every week, I love participating in Looking at the Sky on Friday. It allows me to pause and take notice of something wonderful and beautiful.



DSCF4027 In other observation news, I went to my son’s school on Thursday for their Thanksgiving luncheon. They had tables set up in the gym for us to eat with our children – it was very nice. Andre’s class had made their parents placemats and thank you cards. They piped in classical music and my son was so proud to eat with me and his youngest sister. He was also proud to show of his Indian headdress. Of course I forgot my camera, but I captured him at home showing his siblings.

Doesn’t he look sweet?

Boy, am I glad it’s Friday and my children will be spending the weekend with their father. TGIF, for real!

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