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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I do not want to share!

My health and weight loss journal

After two weeks of craving sweets (specifically chocolate) and giving into the cravings, I have gotten back on track. The last two days - an eternity - I've been eating Lean Cuisine's for lunch. Yesterday I fed my 2-year-old daughter Anna, who had already been munching away most of the day, and then sat down to enjoy my lunch. Guess who wanted some?



I got over my frustration of not being able to do one thing by myself since she's been home during the day. Well, I got over it a little bit and decided that if she ate some of my Lean Cuisine then that would be even less calories, right? Yea. Come dinner time I couldn't figure out why I was so freaking starving.

Today, I did the same things. Fixed her lunch then sat down with mine. She said, "I want chicken."

"You have chicken."

"I want some," she whined looking at my lunch.

"You have some," I pointed to her plate, "that's chicken."

I used my fork to cut her Perdue chicken breast dinosaur-shaped nuggets (that were on sale at Publix - BOGO! Score!) and fed it to her. Even though she had just sat there and eaten about three of them, she made a face that slowly changed into: "Oh..."

She's stubborn though and didn't give up. Neither did I. I ate all of my lunch by myself and I don't feel guilty! Sorry, call me a bad mother. {Guffaw} Hopefully today will set the pattern for the rest of my week... the rest of her life. Hey, a mom can wish, right?

Now, onto other topics. Keep in mind: This is "a woman's world!" I am a woman. And this is the health and weight loss journal. Okay...

WARNING: Following is potential TMI. Please proceed with caution! You've been warned.

Women, you know how when you enter a stall in the women's restroom not too long after another woman has exited? And you get that unpleasant, abusive whiff of someone else's personal area? It's the most insulting thing, isn't it? I mean can people keep their smells to themselves? LOL

Well, those of us who have older daughters understand this "offense" on the home front. Ever walked into the restroom right after your teenage daughter? Adult daughter? Or one who has recently hit puberty? Good gosh-almighty! I have to say here, as gross as all of this is, it isn't always a nasty smell it's just the simple knowledge of the fact of WHAT the smell is and WHERE it is coming from.

It's a violation of my nose. ROFL

Funny thing is I was talking about this with my teenage daughter and she eeewwed right along with me. Then it dawned on me that she must have the same reaction when walking in behind me. AARGH! EEEW! OMG! I voiced that and she solemnly nodded.

My dilemma with all of this is that I am offended by my own fragrance. :O ... Yes, I admit it. When this scent changed (due to hormones, pregnancy and age), it was like a physical assault. What the heeeyyyy? I think I mentioned it to my mother and asked why in the world she didn't tell me this would happen. Of course, to her, this was normal. I am an aging virgin and was - still am - shocked by the entire experience.

Shouldn't there be a manual given out about this? It should be apart of regular mother/daughter conversations along with puberty, menstruation and s-e-x. My daughter won't be surprised about 22 years from now when she walks into the bathroom and smells someone else then realizes it's herself who she smells. Double freaking eeewww!

What makes it so bad is that the changes keep happening. As soon as I adjust to one aroma another develops. Then another. {SIGH!} Does it ever end? I've been told that I don't... uh, hmmm... never mind. Insert awkward snicker and silence here.

I know that I have a sensitive nose so maybe this isn't as bad for some as it is for me. I'm sorry. I couldn't resist sharing. Can you relate!?
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