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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Holiday family fun

Sometimes trying to come up with activities, outings and events to keep everyone occupied during the holidays can be hectic and tiring. But with a little planning and creativity everyone can have a stress-free, fun holiday break with a little variety.

What types of activities and traditions does your family participate in during the holidays? There's always large, lively dinners, neighborhood light tours and the yearly holiday movie marathon. Now is a good time to insert some holiday games that are an excellent way for group interaction, and a lot of the games can be altered and played with a festive Christmas twist.

Teach someone how to play a game of Bingo and include a friendly wager or prize package. There is also Chinese Checkers, Monopoly and a large selection of other board, Internet or computer games that will interest family members of all ages and skill levels. To put a holiday twist on other games, pop in a Christmas CD to jam to, mix some eggnog and don Christmas attire, family members can laugh through a game of Charades, have someone make up a Christmas Trivia game or organize Christmas Bingo.

Now along with the good food, surprise gifts, holiday music, entertainment and decorations, there will be good times had by all with the addition of a couple of fun games.

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