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Monday, November 23, 2009

Can I get a little support?

As a person who suffers from chronic pain, I am always thinking of ways to make life a little easier on myself. In order to do that I have to pay attention to my body. For instance, I've noticed that my lower legs, shins and ankles ache more when the temperature starts to drop. My forearms and wrists hurt more when I am really cold, and when there is a chill directly on my shoulders then those start to ache. If I'm out walking around and it's cold then the pain of walking or standing too long is added to that.

A little preparation, which I rarely do, is all it takes to be somewhat more comfortable. For instance, lately I've been getting chills right before I go to bed and if I don't do something about it before I lay down then I end up having a little restless leg syndrome throughout the night. It's like I'm trying to create friction with my legs to stay warm. So I turn on the two heating pads that I have and put them under the covers. I can't believe what a huge difference this has made in my comfort while sleeping.

When I'm out and about it would be better to wear long kneesocks or tights under my jeans instead of the ankle length socks that I normally wear. That would probably prevent the additional chill even though it wouldn't do much for the chronic pain. I was wondering if some juzo support hose would make a difference. There are a variety of knee high and thigh high socks to try out as well as full pantyhose. I wonder if that would make a difference. I guess it wouldn't hurt to try a little support.
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