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Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekly Inspiration: Friendships

This past week has been... uh, interesting. Broken coffeemaker, dead washing machine and a medley of other ins and outs, ups and downs. By Friday I was totally exhausted from day-to-day responsibilities, lugging laundry to my girlfriend's place and running errands. But I was excited to see the weekend arrive because my friend Shaunalynn and her adorable girls were coming for a visit on Saturday.

If you aren't familiar with Shaunalynn at The Art and Science of Parenting (Mom Robs Grocery Store and a few others), you should hop on over and get to know her now. I can't even remember how we "met," but through our virtual relationship we became fast friends. Then we realized we both live in Georgia and the rest, as "they" say, is history.

Shaunalynn and her girls arrived minutes before the guy who was delivering a washing machine. He was about an hour past the time we had originally discussed. Shaunalynn and I sat down at the kitchen table to chat and talk coupons (she has this great coupon binder) while the guy and his helpers installed the washer.

The installation didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked. Upon removing the old washing machine, which was filled with water, they dumped all of it - every green stinky drop of it - onto my floor. The water pouring from the washer seemed to flow continuously and slowly as I watched with my mouth agape.

"Look," I said to Shaunalynn, while I pointed.

She was as stunned as I was...

and then she started to laugh.

Dealing with those washing machine guys caused one laugh after another and had it not been for Shaunalynn's presence I probably would have gotten extremely irritated and upset. She made what could have been a stressful event into a minor blip on the screen. (That's not even mentioning the "new" washer that didn't work and the guys returning at 7 p.m. that night with another one only to spill some water on the floor again.)

You've heard me talk about friendships in the past and that is what's inspiring me this week. It's Shaunalynn and everyone else who is important to me...
**It's Frankie who helps me catch up on my email and who endlessly puts up with my grumpiness and neediness.
**It's Kellie who let me wash and dry about SIX loads of laundry at her house AND she braided my hair AND made the kids and I dinner.
**It's PJ who checks in on me, makes me tea and mails things without a second thought.
**It's beautiful Lin who always makes me laugh, emails me encouragement, listens to me rant and sends a surprise for the kids.
**It's Sandra - my Portuguese friend and one of my first true blogging buddies - who I dearly love despite our busy lives and opposite schedules that have gotten in the way of our communication.
**It's Lewis who randomly calls to check on me "just because" I am on his mind.

They do those things and so, so much more. Even if they didn't do anything physically, the care that they've shown to me amounts to pounds and pounds of gold. As I sit here quite exhausted (I think my busyness is finally catching up to me), I'll think about my friends to get me through the week.

If you're name isn't here, don't fret! I have not forgotten you and I have not missed the care you've shown to me. Cherie, Rick, Stace and everyone else. I hope you know who you are. And, I can't resist saying, if you have doubts well then you probably know what that means. I'm just saying. LOL

Shaunalynn, It was so exceptionally wonderful to spend time with you and the girls. I'm so glad we met in person and I'm looking forward to our next visit. I hope it doesn't include washing machines.
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