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Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekly Inspiration: Broken

I'm having a difficult time starting this post because I'm listening to India Arie and dancing in my seat. I could concentrate much better on working if I stopped thinking about my to-do list and the music. Funny how thinking about the to-do list can prevent one from actually doing it!

No worries though... I am breezing right through it. Well, sort of.

But that's not what I want to talk about it. Last week saving money was inspiring me (although I forgot to label that post as my weekly inspiration). I get a GIGANTIC high/thrill/surge from getting something that we need for an excellent price.

This week my inspiration is a little odd: I'm inspired by stuff breaking down. You know, I had the car issue just a month or so ago. Yesterday morning my coffeemaker just died before I could make my morning cup of joe. Then when I went to put clothes into the dryer I found the washing machine still filled with water. Seems like that has broken as well. And before all of that, my sausage got trapped in the pot.

Yes, you read that correctly. Let me see if I can explain. I was cooking sweet Italian sausage. I put some chicken broth in the pan so the sausage wouldn't burn. (I hate standing over a stove and I like the sausage tender and juicy so I put the liquid in and put the lid on.) After checking it a few times I was ready to take it out and I tried to lift the lid off. It didn't budge.

I picked the pan up, looked under it, shook it around and tried the lid again. Nothing. I tried to pry it with a knife, a spatula, a can opener... I scratched my head and looked around the room for the hidden cameras.

It surely was a joke, right?

Well, problem is, I was home alone. Hmmm?

I call my BF and ask him (not gonna mention any names, okay Frankie?) to activate his science. "Is it cold or hot that it needs to release?" He says cold. In the freezer it goes. A few minutes later I look at the top and it is dented further in. I call back. "You have your science backwards."


"Backwards." And I explain the situation. Oh yea, it should be heated.


Now, I'm thinking I hope there's still liquid in there because I made a big deal about making sure I didn't burn the sausage while I watched television. After quite a few minutes the top started to feel a little loose and, with all of my might, I pulled!

It popped off and nicely splashed hot liquid on my thigh and my tank top. Ouch! But, alas, the sausage was rescued. And tasty. Nope, it wasn't burned.

Why in the world would this be inspiring? I don't really know. ROFL. All I know is that I've been working hard for the last couple of days to maintain a positive attitude despite everything that continues to go wrong. It's tough getting outta a funk and negativity. This has been a rough two years for me. And as I try not to think about everything that has happened and everything that may happen, I am ignoring (at least for now) the sadness that travels through my head on a regular basis.

The worries are off to the side. The anger is pushed down. (Except when I talk about it. :D) Right now there's just one day at a time, everyday.

Now, if the dryer dies then I can't be responsible for my actions. ... I'm just saying.
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