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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sibling bonding over art, baking

My daughter Amber is a wonderful big sister. Each time she comes home from college she always makes time for her three younger siblings. She'll take them to the store with her, they'll help her cook, they do crafts together, have a sleepover in the living room, go to the park or any other activity she can think of. Amber had a four-day weekend and decided they would do crafts and bake an apple pie.

When they do arts and crafts it's quite funny to me because Amber is really patient and normally lets them be creative. She dug through the crafts supply box (which I started several years ago so Amber would have supplies for class and science projects) and pulled out a bunch of interesting stuff. I asked her what they were going to make and she had no idea. At first I was going to say that she should decide on a specific project, choose the appropriate supplies and direct them accordingly. Then it dawned on me that I need to butt out for several reasons: The younger children were excited, quiet and occupied without my input; Amber's method allowed them to use their imagination and be creative; and she's the one who has worked with children most of her young life.

I promptly, and happily, walked away to get some work done. I peeked in or walked by every now and then, and I captured a few shots to share with you:

Andre is proudly displaying his in-the-works project.

Anna is busy filing her Styrofoam ball.

That's Andre and Anna happily working on their Styrofoam ball thingies. LOL. I think I heard Andre saying he was making a rabbit and Anna was busy "filing" her ball with a Popsicle stick. Her reason? Amber just shrugged her shoulders and left her alone since she was so engrossed. This is what they came up with:
Amber made this unique flower with a Styrofoam ball,
pipe cleaners and a Popsicle stick.

This is Amareah's flower. Yes, I have them both on my desk.

Andre's rabbit and person came out pretty good. He was pleased
and happy about it. Funny thing is, it does bring a smile to your face.

Remember the picture of Anna (above) filing her Styrofoam ball? Well, she has paint on her face because they had already completed their painting projects, which you can see here:

I liked these so much (I really like abstract art) that I mounted them to construction paper and hung them in the kitchen. The children were proud to see them there and Andre told me all about his: The white at the stop is the sky, the black line with a dot on the top is an animal - if I remember correctly - and, although you can't see it well, there's a rendition of a person next to the animal that he said is me. How sweet.

They started their pie-baking project kind of late in the day so I missed getting pictures of them before it went into the oven and they were in the bed when it came out. I also forgot to get pictures of them working on the pie. But here's a picture of the finished product.

That pie was so good (I finished off the final piece last night!) and I hope they make another one when Amber comes home again. :D

If you have more than one child, what do they like to do together?


  1. what talented little artists you have! I have to agree that setting them free without limits is the best way for them to problem solve. There is plenty of time for guided activities in school. And OMG Drool! That pie looks so yummy!!

  2. that had to have been a nice little break for you, did you take advantage of it and have some you time? They looked like they were having a blast and their end results are awesome!

    i sealed your sample without thinking, so you will be getting 2 packages in the mail. i want to do some more research on the meds before i send you the teas.

    have a great day my friend...hugz!

  3. Seeing this post made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Two things I love: 1. How Amber let the kids have free rein over their art. What a fabulous big sister she is. and 2. How proudly you displayed their finished projects. Very nicely done!! ***applause***


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