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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Relaxing with Joshua Bell

Joshua Bell's new CD "At Home with Friends" is what I like to call (a phrase I stole from a friend) grown folks music. I didn't know what to expect when I popped in the disc, but I was more than pleased.

His music carries the rhythm and sound of relaxation and prompts the listener to envision the beauty of elegant ballroom dancers. I've listened to the CD more than four times in the past two days and I'm no less enthralled when I hear it again. In fact, it must be good because my 18-year-old daughter expressed how much she liked it. Now that's what I call impressive.

Bell is a Grammy award-winning violinist who has been playing for 20 years (since he was 14) and come out with 30 original albums. The album is out now and if you haven't picked up your copy yet, you should do it soon 'cause it's music that soothes the heart and soul.
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