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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One busy, tiring, celebratory day

I have been offline the entire day. I didn't hear my alarm go off so I slept through it. What makes it so bad is that I was awake at 5 something and 6 something. I was able to sleep late because the children were still with their father, but I had planned to get up, do some yoga, shower, dress and eat before they arrived with hopefully enough time to get some work done.

Didn't happen. When I finally got up I only had time to shower and dress. They were here before I ate or anything. By the time I was finished eating (and, of course, two of them wanted to eat with me even though they'd eaten with their dad) it was time to leave the house for Amareah's yearly check up.
This is before she received FOUR shots!

I'd told the kids that we would have lunch at Chuck E. Cheese's to celebrate Andre's 6th birthday after we left the doctor's office. We stopped to get a cake of his choice then proceeded to the Chucksters. I don't really like going to that kid-friendly establishment, but it's excellent during the weekday when it isn't crowded with rude little... I mean, uh, a lot of little people.

Andre and Amareah really had a great time and, overall, Andre enjoyed his birthday. He also celebrated over the weekend with his dad. I'm sure his cousins were all in attendance and they had cake and ice cream. Two celebrations. Can't beat that.

Happy 6th Birthday, son!
The cake was really yummy.

Now, it's almost time to begin preparing dinner. Anna is irritable, but that's what happens when a 2 1/2 year old misses her nap.

At least she enjoyed the cake! :)

Being offline is worth it when celebrating such a momentous occasion, which was topped off by a call from his big sister Amber a little bit ago. Now, if I can only find that card my mother sent to him about two months ago all would be right with the world. LOL... (Don't tell her I misplaced it. It was on my desk until I "straightened" up and put it somewhere that I wouldn't forget it.)

Following is Amareah's creative photography. She constantly asks me to use my camera and I finally gave in at Chuck E. Cheese. (I know what I'm getting her for Christmas!) I thought you would enjoy a peek at her work.

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