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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Molly the Monarch Butterfly

My children are fascinated by creatures of all sorts - bugs, animals... anything non-human. So, of course, when I got wind of The Adventures of Molly the Monarch Butterfly and Friends(c) Series, "Molly: A Butterfly's Story" by Maureen Akey, I had to request a review copy.

My children - 6-year-old Andre and Amareah, 4 - listened intently while 2-year-old Anna imitated what I was saying. After I finished reading I asked them what they liked about the book.

Here's the dynamic duo checking out the pictures
before I read the book. Okay, I made them pose,
but they were still looking at the pictures. :D

Amareah said she liked when the caterpillar was drinking from the milkweed plant. When she pointed to the picture, I said, "You liked when the caterpillar was eating..." She corrected me and said, "It was drinking." I guess it seemed obvious it was drinking since it's a milkweed. Andre said that he liked when the caterpillar busted out of its egg, and - in case I missed it - he described the entire process.

It's really a pleasure to hear the children talk about the books that I read to them. The amount that I read to them is actually thanks to Andre's kindergarten teacher who "requires" a minimum of five minutes of reading to the children per night. (I'll save my comments about the amount of homework for another post.)

If you're interested in purchasing a copy of "Molly: A Butterfly's Story," which was illustrated by George Arnold III, it's $14.99 plus $3 shipping and handling. Just write to the author, Maureen, at

I think any children's book that entertains as well as teaches is a wonderful addition to your child's library.

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  1. I make my girls pose all the time for blog pics! I know that I drive them NUTSO!


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