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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lost mentor

After I got out of the Air Force, in the early '90s, I went back to college. It was quite a challenge being a working single mom who attended college full time and was away from family, but I had certain goals I wanted to meet. While in college, one of the professors took me under her wing and gave me excellent advice and support. Not only did she talk to me about my education and profession, but she offered loving input regarding personal situations.

We got together outside of the institution while I lived in Upstate New York and spent time with our families together. I saw her not too long after I moved to Georgia in 1995, but have since lost touch. I believe she made an impact on my life because she took the time to talk to me despite everything she was dealing with.

Although I searched MyLife for her there were 1,000 results so I'm not sure if I actually found the right person. If you've lost your mentor, or someone else who was important in your life, then you have a chance of tracking them down. A simple search, with free basic membership, and you're well on your way to rekindling that lost relationship.

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