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Friday, October 9, 2009

Glimpse of the future

Miss Amareah was quite pleased with her appearance for picture day today. Remember yesterday when she tried on five dresses before she found the one she wanted to wear?

I didn't forget to get a shot of her all decked out to share with you. She looked absolutely adorable in her dress and she walked around as if she were floating on clouds. The joy on her face as she put on her slip, stockings and got her hair styled made me so happy for her. Sometimes I think it's rare that I give my children true happiness so when I see evidence in their faces it warms me.

I didn't notice 'til I posted the picture that my youngest (Miss Anna) seems to have a future as a model. She sure did strike that pose, didn't she?--->

When I slipped the dress over her head being careful not to mess up her 'do; the crinkle of the crinoline seemed to blur my vision and transport me into the future. I had a brief glimpse and a sudden feeling of helping my daughter dress for her wedding. It was a sensation that is new to me and I enjoyed a moment of something amazing to look forward to.

It was quite surprising, to say the least, because I have been living the last couple of years with a "One day at a time" mantra running through my head. I have text on my cell phone that says, "One day..." and I even have that phrase on my Facebook profile page. To think past - way past! - that is somewhat of a breakthrough for me.

Now I can imagine all of my girls at their weddings. I'm raising women (and one man)... the future. I guess it can sometimes look good. Really good.

Isn't she a beauty?
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