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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Getting back on track

Before I get into my health and weight loss journal, I want to ask you a question: What do you think about these types of posts? I've noticed that, for the most part, I get few comments on the health and weight loss journals. I actually didn't get any on the last one and, on the other hand, there have been quite a few in the past that have attracted numerous comments.

The vote stands with you. Do you love me? Circle yes or no.

LOL... I couldn't resist saying that. The real question is: Should I continue to post my health and weight loss journals? Yes or No. Please comment. :) Thanks!

Currently, I am getting back on track with healthy eating... well 75 percent back on track. The other 25 percent is the minimal amount of green vegetables that I eat. I need to make a gigantic improvement in that area. Otherwise, I eat a lot of fruit, drink a lot of water and generally don't have a large sugar intact. Lately, however, I have been snack - sweet and salty - crazy.

Yesterday it dawned on me that I was "enjoying" a little emotional eating. For once it wasn't fueled by depression or sadness, and it's an area that I don't want to reveal right now. I know I share a lot with you, but I am too ... I don't know the right word... I guess, shy about telling this one.

Right now it's way beyond my comfort zone to share.

Moving right along. Thankfully, I have been feeling "normal." What that means for me is the chronic pain is still there, I have been having bad stomach discomfort (cramping, nausea, etc.), and frequent headaches. BUT I haven't had any terrible attacks of severe pain that leave me laying down most of the time and moving around hunched over. I haven't had as much dizziness and been as lightheaded over the last few days as I normally am. The exhaustion is still there... but for someone with a chronic condition I am feeling "good."


  1. I think you should continue to post your health updates--not for us as much as you. I think it is a personal recording of where you are at this time and what you are doing healthwise. Your blog is for YOU, first and foremost, we readers are along for the ride.

    I do admit, however, that your health updates make me think about my health and what I'm doing and what I should work at. It's a win/win, Petula.

    You gotta get really healthy for the Hobo Tour! :) We can't go real far if you aren't up to speed, girlie. And I'm telling you, I'm up for getting FAR away from this place!

  2. i haven't forgotten about the herbs for you sweetie, i will get that researched after this baby shower is over with. i really like that pic of you, you are very pretty.

    did you get your samples? if you've already answered me, i apologize for asking again, my sometimers has been kicking in a lot lately.

    have a wonderful nite...hugz!

  3. Yes you should keep going. And yes we/ I love you :-) Do your thing lady!!!!!!

  4. I think it's YOUR blog and you should always write what you want! I like reading personal posts. I like writing them too, but like you, they don't get as many comments. Still it's a great way to work things out in your head! If getting it out there makes you feel better then keep it up :)

  5. That's why we're here to share, grow and heal so please let us know everything your comfortable telling us and I pray it helps..I know it makes me feel better when I tell..

    Hugs and health

    Dorothy from grammology

  6. as long as you continue to keep your weight at a healthy level, we would not bother if you didnt. but i think you need to continue posting b/c i think it keeps you on the ball and makes you do what you gotta do.
    But, DAM, you still SEXY as hellllll so keep doing wat you doing.

  7. i almost didn't recognize u w/o the eyeglasses. and i also noticed the change in hair color. just living and enjoying ur life i c.

    carry on...


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