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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fittin' it in with a dance, yoga

Over the past week or so I've been trying to organize around the house. The area that has yet to get a little organization and structure is my office; however, much of the house is coming along nicely. One other area that hasn't been organized is my life. More accurately, having balance and fitting exercise and movement into my days.

When I first began to lose weight more than a year ago, one of the things I did for exercise was dance around the house with my teenager and when I was here alone. Well, since she's been away at college (and since I'm not alone any longer thanks to the presence of my 2-year-old daughter) I haven't danced as much or exercised as much. Today, I began to dance again.

It started last night when I popped in a Mary J. Blige CD I haven't listened to in quite awhile. I played that CD about three or four times last night and the same today and today I danced until I could feel it. So freeing.

Then I began getting a little irritated at the 2 year old because I am running out of time to get things done before my son gets off of the bus and it's time to get the 4 year old from headstart. My free feeling started to dwindle away and my face started to frown, and then I was irritated about not having time to do yoga. Geez, I went from one freeing feeling to a total irritating irritation!

I suddenly thought of an article I had read early in body+soul magazine about doing certain yoga moves to assist in building the immune system in fighting colds and flu and I decided to do yoga right that moment. Right in the hallway.

Getting out my yoga mat, book, CD, block and strap is such a process. Yoga books recommend wearing certain clothing and being freshly showered while having a designed spot and mat that is just for that. All of that preparation was hindering me in getting it done.

I did the two poses that I remembered from the article and some others I know from my yoga CD, adding some stretches and some breathing. I did this all while the preschooler brushed pass me, touched my hair, played with my belt and tried to talk to me. I stayed in complete zen mode.

And... you know what?

It was so worth it. The free feeling came back and it was a good movement/break from the desk and computer.

I guess, from now on, I won't worry about the preparation and specifics of exercising. I'll just get it done and fit it in.


  1. Sometimes just the preparation and anticipation gets in the way of just doing it! So glad you just stopped and did it right there and it worked!

    I used to always turn on a good dancing CD whenever I did house cleaning. It made it go so much faster. I hadn't thought of it (or done it) for more than 15 years, so I am very glad I stopped my today and you reminded me!

  2. Nice posting. Do you know about these yoga books?

  3. You go girl! I'm all about feeling free.


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