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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Finding quality childcare

Every parent has had to do it: Search for daytime care for their children. It can be a daunting - scary, for some - task, but it's often necessary.

If you live in Georgia - somewhere around/near Fayetteville, Jonesboro, Riverdale, Lovejoy - you should check out Little Feet Childcare, Inc., a home-based childcare and learning center. The director/owner is Kellie and my family met her about three years ago when I was searching for childcare for my then 1-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son.

Little Feet is exactly what we needed. It wasn't too long after they started that she began potty training my son - successfully! All I did was follow up at home. When the children started my daughter was a little hesitant, but she took to Kellie right away and she soon adjusted. At Little Feet, your children can be sure to get quality curriculum with the love of home. They'll get healthy, well-balanced meals with a treat or two sneaked in now and then.

This is Amareah & Andre about
six months after they started attending.

One of the things that I like most about Little Feet is that it's not babysitting. The children have a daily schedule and curriculum they follow. I could see the things they were learning. In fact, when my daughter went to the 3-year-old class at Clayton County Head Start last year she already knew how to do about 95 percent of what they were teaching (write her name, identify some letters, memorize songs, etc.).

On the personal side, when my children started I was still nursing my daughter. It had been recommended that I stop nursing because of my health. Although I enjoyed the bond I shared with my daughter and had reduced the breastfeeding time, my body was worn down and I was overly exhausted. Kellie was supportive in helping me to wean her.

I like the fact that she has been a partner in rearing my children. Now, three of my children have been taught (and mommied!) by Kellie. My oldest daughter, Amber, is like a niece to her and she's become a very important part of our family.

If you'd like a partner in the raising of your children and someone who will support you in teaching your children values, educating them and providing them with a nurturing and caring environment then I suggest you call for a chance to meet Kellie and learn about Little Feet.

Check out her Facebook page for contact information.
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