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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dreams of granite sinks

I know a couple of people who have obsessive compulsive disorder and are severe germaphobes. I've teased and hounded them to lighten up until I realized that I'm almost just as bad. The other day I was washing dishes and glanced down at the edges of my sink. How in the world do you get the little crevice clean under and around the edge of the sink and the counter? I ran my hand along the edge then used a dish clothe to try to clean it better - to no avail.

It wasn't long before I was daydreaming about a granite counter and undermount kitchen sinks. Have you seen those? It's when the sink is mounted under the counter, instead of dropped into it, resulting in the sink being flush to the counter. MR Direct Incorporated sells a undermount granite sink series made of 100 percent environmentally friendly materials and they are coated with bacteria-killing silver ions that kill 99 percent of bacteria on contact.

Now that's a germaphobe's dream come true.

MR Direct Incorporated has a large selection of Granite Kitchen Sinks to choose from. You can choose the style, color and even the depth of the sink you want. Wouldn't that make washing dishes fun? :)
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