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Monday, October 12, 2009

Cheap thrills

If you missed the sale (yesterday and today) at JcPenney then you can blame me because I should have told you about it. I received the sales ad in the mail sometime last week and decided to go yesterday to get the three younger children some pants.!

I only wanted to spend about $20 and I ended up spending $25.58 walking away with $128 worth of clothes! Let me tell you what I got:

$50 sundress for $4.98
$9.99 leggings (5T) for $4.24
$9.99 corduroy pants (3T) for $4.24
$19.99 khaki/twill pants (6) for $8.49
$20 peace screen shirt for $0.98
$18 white t-shirt for $0.98

I couldn't resist highlighting the deals that really gave me a high.

I have been really working at finding great deals on things that we really need and I am very happy with all of my purchases. The size 6 pants my son needs for school since he wears a uniform. And the girls needed some more bottoms in their wardrobe.

The sundress, which looks a whole lot better on, is motivation for me to maintain my weight loss. Actually I may be able to pull off wearing the dress through the seasons with the addition of a sweater or cardigan and some tights or whatever. I only have one other dress and this one fit me really well. It's funny too 'cause in the past I would have never chosen a sundress for myself let alone one with flowers on it.

The two shirts for 98 cents each are perfect additions to my wardrobe. One is loud and shows a little of my personality and the other is an essential for every wardrobe. If they had more of them that I could use I would have gotten a couple of others.

Amber walked away with some great deals as well including two skirts - one that was $50 and one that was $40 - at 98 cents a piece. To say we were pleased with our purchases is an understatement.

Saving money on things I can really use gives me a big thrill.


  1. Wow I am soo impressed!!! You ladies do your thing!!!!!! You should be happy y'all did it up. And I'm sure you look good in the sun dress!!!!

  2. I am SSSSOOO jealous! I live way up north in Canada where there is no where to shop! Visiting you from MBC and're connections are working!


  3. seriously, .98! omg, that's crazy! good job, wish i could find a great sale like that! have a great day sweetie...hugz!

  4. I was there yesterday, too. But I always end up spending WAY more than I came there to.


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