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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Book review: Once In A Blue Moon

The relationship between siblings - particularly sisters - can be extremely close or strained. What happens if those sisters are separated at a young age and find each other 30 years later? That's the scenario in Eileen Goudge's newest release Once In A Blue Moon, which hits stores on October 6th.

Lindsay and Kerrie Ann, the sisters, were placed in different foster homes after their neglectful mother was sent to prison. Thirty years later Lindsay who was adopted by a loving couple still searches for the baby sister she lost. She's the owner of a bookstore in Blue Moon Bay, California, and is in the center of a battle that threatens her comfort and hard work.

Kerrie Ann has her own fight on her hands. After being sent to foster care, she was bounced from one home to another until she ran away as a teenager and became a drug-addicted single mother. Now sober she is fighting to regain custody of her daughter who was taken from her.

When the two finally meet things go a little wayward as assumptions are made, expectations are crushed and feelings hurt. Eventually they're drawn together and come to understand, respect and care for each other. This is a story about the bond of family and the changes that occur when family stands together to fight, grow and learn.

This novel, which is the first I've read of Goudge's who is a four-time New York Times bestseller, is an engaging read filled with witty dialogue, believable scenarios and the beauty of vivid descriptions. I didn't want to stop reading once I started because I just had to find out how everything turns out. Did Lindsay's and Kerrie Ann's court battles turn out in their favor? Does Kerrie Ann chose uncertain love? Will Lindsay settle for comfort and familiarity over passion and connection?

There's way more to this story then I first realized. If I were you I would grab a copy of Once In A Blue Moon as soon as it hits the shelves on October 6.
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